All White Everything

While I sit and wait for my house to be built, I dream.  A lot.  About what I want it to look like, and more importantly, what I want it to feel like.  I want it to feel inviting.  I want you to walk in the door, and know that I probably have meatballs waiting for you, and, in the words of James Taylor, you can stay as long as you like.  The challenge is to figure out how to make it look so that it feels the way I want it to feel.  You know?

I showed you my dream kitchen in the fall.  It’s white.  Everything is white.  Because white is clean, and white is simple, and I love it the most.

I’m leaning towards painting the whole first floor white, and throwing pops of color everywhere.  Thoughts, dear readers? Here’s some inspiration:

family room.

i love the symmetry the gallery wall creates.


living room.




8 thoughts on “All White Everything

  1. Love the idea of the whole floor being the same color… But that may be because my whole floor is the same color. It makes the space feel larger and more unified. I didn’t go white, but I say own it!

  2. Remind me not to bring red wine to the housewarming party. And I’ll make a special edition white-chocolate belly button for the occasion. But if you’re asking which pictures I like best, it’s #3 and #5.

  3. Don’t get a white sofa. Just don’t. I have one. It hasn’t worked out. White sofas look lovely in the decorator magazines. That’s because those magazines are fake. They are not about sitting down with coffee or chocolate chip cookies, they are not about having a dog or a cat, they are not about throwing the newspaper aside onto the white sofa. Don’t, just don’t. Heart heart heart

      • Wait! I know! I could put a note up on the fridge saying, “Do not drink coffee or wine or eat anything that isn’t white (and do not use suntan lotion) in my living room”! That would take care of those pesky guests that come over and have the audacity to want to sit on my furniture and enjoy some hors d’oeuvres and a beverage.

  4. LOVE your taste. We will be counting on you for nursery decoration advice 🙂 By the way, it is my third reply today. I should really be working – or seem to be doing so – before my boss catches me. Who really works during Christmas and NY anyway? Hugs my dear xoxo

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