February Reads [+ one little word – february]

february reads.

It’s only fitting that this picture has a book that appeared in my November reads post in my February reads post too.  I didn’t read it then.  I didn’t read it this month either.  And I’m rolling two monthly blog installments into one because I have a question.

So, my word of the year is choose.  And I vowed I would pop on this space once a month and tell you about how I’m, well, I don’t know, choosing stuff?  But instead I’m going to ask you why I’m struggling so much with the stuff I choose.

Here’s the deal with reading.  I need a lot of headspace to read.  I need to not be thinking about work, I need to not be up against eating/making/cleaning up dinner, and I need to not have my phone anywhere within a 5 foot radius of me.  I need to be able to get sucked into a good book and forget all else.  And I don’t know if I haven’t been making that happen lately because I haven’t picked the right books, or because I am making other choices.

Namely, watching TV.  When I get to my third episode of Veronica Mars in one night, I start kicking myself and feel intense guilt setting in over my choices.  But here’s the thing.  Does TV get a bad rap?  Is there something inherently wrong with choosing to plunk down in front of a bright screen instead of choosing to plunk down with a book?  Is the problem that in February, I’ve chosen TV over books way more than I’d like? I said I had one question for you, and that was an all-out interrogation.  I take it all back.

The real question is this: Why am I beating myself up over my choices?

The only book I have finished this month is not worthy of mentioning here, so instead, you get two books I’m about two-thirds through, coupled with hope for future reads.


Being Mortal, by Atul Gawande

A fascinating look at aging and dying.  I’ve brought this up with a couple of people at a couple of social events, only to realize this is an incredibly difficult book to discuss at social events.  The subject matter isn’t your typical small talk fodder.  But Dr. Gawande’s work is important, and it’s relevant to everyone.  We are all getting older.  We will all need to ask these questions at some point in our lives.


I’ll Give You the Sun, by Jandy Nelson

As I move through this one, I’m having flashbacks to We Were Liars, another YA read.  And I’ll have sections where I’m racing through the book, and sections where I slow down.  It has to go back to the library, so I won’t finish it till later.

Want to Read:

Something good. Something I can’t put down.  Something that does not let me go.  What’s it going to be, dear readers?  Leave me some ideas in the comments, if you have a minute.

I have All the Light We Cannot See, Everything I Never Told You, Station Eleven, and The Girl on the Train on my radar.  Can anyone vouch for those?


5 thoughts on “February Reads [+ one little word – february]

  1. The answer is simple. You need a little alcove with a very comfortable chair and an ottoman and an ocean view. Otherwise, don’t feel guilty. Sometimes TV is the only logical choice–like when it’s February and the temperature hasn’t gone over 30 in a month and you work and work and work all day every day every week. So give yourself a break. And get yourself to that alcove soon!

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