Thoughts on Beach Living

I keep looking at the forecast; thinking that the worst of winter must surely be over.  And yet, every day, I’m greeted with the little snow icons.  Or the little sleet icons.  Or temperatures I don’t want to see–or think about, really.  So let’s take a minute, close our eyes, and pretend like we’re here…

ocean view

1.  Life gets exponentially less stressful here.  One morning this summer I spent a solid 10 minutes agonizing about whether I wanted to grab a bagel from my favorite bagel place, or go to the greasy spoon I can never get enough of.  For those of you on the edge of your seats, I went for the greasy spoon.

2.  Speaking of which, man, do you eat a lot at the beach.  Wait.  Do YOU eat a lot at the beach?  I am pretty much never more than 10 minutes away from my next bite.

3.  Also I’m pretty sure food tastes better here.  I love assembling dishes with seemingly random ingredients until I come up with something great.  These things never seem to happen just so at home.

ocean view 2

4.  My musical tastes are wide and varied and I pride myself on curating some killer Pandora stations.  In real life.  When I am at the beach, all I want to listen to is whiny women.  Hello, Norah Jones station.  Is this a moon/tides-related thing?

5.  I slip into beach-life slowly.  When I first hit the road, my heart feels free.  I arrive and I start unpacking, and feel the excitement that comes with being here.  But it takes a solid couple of days before I feel completely and totally relaxed.

6.  There is nothing better than sitting with your toes in the sand.

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