Do You Play Games?

Dear readers, do you play games?

Like, when your friends come over, or when you go there, do you play games?

I never do, but I’m starting to think I’m in the minority.


This is SCL and her siblings playing a game (though not the one in the box she is holding).  Her brother is obsessed, and he brings them with him whenever he returns home for the weekend.  In their company over SCL’s last two birthdays, I’ve been introduced to Seasons, Coup, and Sushi Go. (The first two sailed straight over my head, while Sushi Go was a great time.)

While hanging out with one of my favorite teenagers, my husband and I were introduced to Settlers of Catan.

Cari Faye is always up for Cards Against Humanity, and during a recent snowstorm, The (Not So) New Girl spent all day playing games.

So I guess games are a big deal, and I’m missing out.  What good ones should I know about? I was thinking that if Sunday Dinners are going to be a reality, we should keep a couple up our sleeves for some of those evenings.

7 thoughts on “Do You Play Games?

  1. Wow, really nice dining room table and chairs, there! Your aunt has game night once a month too. She’s got a whole list of fun board games and card games and trivia games! 🙂

  2. Love this post. If you don’t want to scare your dinner guests away by the hilarious inappropriateness of cards against humanity, you can play apples to apples instead. There’s also a game called heads up that you get from the App Store. Pencil me in for one of these fun events!

  3. Farkle. Scattegories. Sort it Out. Bananagrams. Risk (get ready for the long haul). Going old-school, spoons, but only with an overly competitive group (see: Marshalls). Also, good call Cari. Already have Heads Up downloaded!

  4. We played Settlers of Catan when visting my in-laws before Wes was born. We brought it out at the end of a dinner party recently and all times it was a big hit! My favorite is Clue but I cheat so no one will play with me anymore. 😦

  5. When I was a student we played Trivial Pursuit religiously! We tried the electronic version (on the wii) on NYE but it wasn’t the same 😦

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