#AndThenWeBoughtAHouse, an Update

Dear readers, it’s about to get all #AndThenWeBoughtAHouse up in here.  Can you just hang on for a couple of days, and then we’ll move on?  Bear with me?

la moneda

First off, the #AndThenWeBoughtAHouse house now has a name.  La Moneda, which is a play on the Chilean “White House,” except it isn’t really called “The White House,” but is actually white.  Like every single thing I’m picking out for the inside of our house.  The whole naming process involves a long story, but the point of it is the name is cute, he liked it, and the rule of this house is if my husband actually has an opinion about something, we roll with it.  La Moneda it is.

As it has a Chilean name, it will also have a Chilean doormat to greet you when you visit.

Hola Doormat

You can get one too, if you like.

ps, this is what’s gracing our back door.

the back.

Things are going along swimmingly, in that it’s framed, and 10 weeks ago it wasn’t.  And though the inside still appears to be nothing but a bunch of wood beams, we’re making the kind of decisions that mean it won’t always be.

After a couple of iterations, the kitchen inspiration is now a hybrid of this:

and this:
It turns out I care deeply about any number of things I didn’t realize I would, like what kind of handles my appliances have, and just how much I’m willing to pay for a range (spoiler alert: not the $4000 price differential for one of those fancy-looking ones).  Yet to be seen is whether or not I’ll spring for the farmhouse sink.  I’m telling you, dear readers, the excitement never ends.  And faucets really are that expensive.
The master bathroom is now fully tiled, or at least, we have serious plans for it to be.  There’s no good way for me to show you that till everything is said and done, but the shower floor will have hexagon tiles because, again, my husband liked them, and he’s getting what he wants here.*  So how nice for me that I found this hexagon print on Minted, which will also hang in the bathroom.
My biggest dilemma is figuring out what colors we’ll paint the upstairs.  The entire downstairs will be white (Benjamin Moore, Simply White, to be specific), at least until we’ve lived in the house long enough that I understand the light it gets and how we use the space.  I’m pretty sure our bedroom will be Benjamin Moore’s Edgecomb Gray (famously, here), which is what we had our old bedroom, and 3/4 of my parents’ beach house painted.  But do I do it throughout the master bathroom and closet?  Change things up?  Keep everything white because it is The White House after all, and one less decision is always an easy route, and besides everything I pin is white anyway?
*Dear readers, especially those who don’t know me well, I hope you’ll forgive my being tongue-in-cheek here.  My husband is, of course, getting some of what he wants, and that’s well-deserved because the rest of this house is a whole-lotta what I want.

5 thoughts on “#AndThenWeBoughtAHouse, an Update

  1. Didn’t know the builders were leaving a golden retriever for you ~ how nice! Love all the plans. That second island is awesome–all new-age and cool. And please paint the insides of the closets white. You just have to trust me on that last one. ♡♡♡

  2. Don’t get a dog!! La Moneda will quickly turn into Casa de Dog Hair. Love the update. And I vote for grey in the bedroom. Most looking forward to seeing the hexagonal tile bathroom. Glad C was able to get something he wanted out of this deal. 😛

  3. Rumor has it that the kitchen island has created quite a stir. Therefore it needs a name. And since the house is going to be La Moneda, and everything in it is going to be white, and there is an island off the coast of Chile called Isla Blanca. . . . I mean you could just call the kitchen island, “Bermuda,” or “Barbados,” but it definitely needs a name! There are 2,324 islands off the coast of Chile, and they all have names–shouldn’t take you long to pick one!

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