Framed – Wordless Edition

I’m drawn to prints with type all over them, as you saw yesterday, but that just won’t work all over the house.  You shouldn’t be able to read my living room wall like the first chapter of a best-seller.  Thus, I’ve searched high and low for some art without type.  And by high and low I mean I pretty much looked on Etsy and Minted.  And I found like, 5 prints that I like.  That are all basically the same colors.  Here they are:

Colors, Watercolor Giclee Print on Canvas

Colors, by Laura Trevey on Etsy

Distant Island. horiztonal / landscape giclee print

Distant Island, by Clare Elsaesser on Etsy


Morning Blooms No. 1 by Emily Jeffords on her site

Out to Sea, by Carolyn MacLaren on Minted

Confetti, by Blair Culwell Staky on Minted

The Meadow, by Melanie Sevarin on Minted

Any other ideas for me, dear readers?  Especially those outside the blue, white, and pink realm?  What’s on your walls?  What do you love?

One thought on “Framed – Wordless Edition

  1. Oooooo, very nice! I like the one with an actually person in it, but it’s a little “Christina’s World” (sad).

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