I had another post scheduled to run today, but as my phone was down to half battery by 9:30 on Sunday morning, I’m guessing what you really want to know about is Lilly for Target.  I went.  It was fun.  I have no idea how to organize any of my other thoughts, so here are some random ones…

lilly for target

First of all, some people were hella pissed about Lilly for Target.  I get that.  I don’t know what Lilly would think about Lilly for Target.  No one actually does because sadly, Lilly is dead.  But here’s the thing: WASPs are some cheap people.  And it’s not like it was Lilly for Walmart.  That I couldn’t have done.  I guarantee everyone who was complaining about Lilly for Target has bought many an item there before.  Some of my favorite shoes are from Target, and don’t get me started on their fabulous melamine summer dishware.  I just don’t have time to get angry about a Lilly for Target collection.

lilly for target.

That said, I didn’t love anything from the look book too much. I remember reading a post from a blogger who has collaborated with Target, or perhaps one who hasn’t, and she wrote about the constraints of designing for a mass market retailer like the bullseye.  I feel like the kind of issues she wrote about were at play here.  These were not Lilly’s best patterns, nor was everything top quality.  However, Ali scored a tote bag for $15, and at that price, who cares?  I’m getting ahead of myself.

alsi and me.

I met up with Ali at 7:00 to go to the only Target in DC.  We got there and there was NO ONE in line (there were about 15 people).  We went to Starbucks.  When we came back we were the 25th and 26th in line.  We watched a nice group of people snake around until about ten minutes before opening, when a security guard told everyone to just rush the door.  Though people were angry no one was out of control.  So that episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte says, “We’re WASPs; WASPs don’t yell,” must be true.

the mob.

Everyone in line was from the Main Line.  Oh, Lilly.  Some things never change.  I met a girl who went to Agnes Irwin, a guy from Berwyn (who became our BFF, and was also the first person I heard refer to the mayhem as the Preppy Hunger Games), and ran into a sorority sister who is also from the area.  It’s funny that I always lament about the lack of “my people” here in DC.  Turns out they’re here, it just takes a nation-wide Lilly event to bring them together.

mayhem.Here’s a shot of girls edging each other out at the racks (CV(D), note the flamingos).  It was too cutthroat and I wasn’t awake enough to fight them.  So I wandered over to accessories and picked up a couple of items.  But I did overhear someone while I was glancing at a phone cover say, “I just don’t like that it has the Target logo on it.”  Um, hi.  You woke up early and waited in line to be here.  These prints are only available in one place.  If you’re rocking them, we know you are rocking Lilly for Target.  You’re funny.

little shift.

I didn’t agonize over the lookbook before we went, and so I didn’t have any idea of what I “needed.”  Had I made a game plan while waiting outside, I could have made a beeline for it, and picked up at least one of my “must-haves.”  As it was, we ambled around, and picked up a couple of cute things.  Which I think was the way to do it.  When I look closely at everything that’s now marked up on ebay (which I also can’t get worked up over, because it happens after the warehouse sale too), I realize I liked the idea of the lawn chairs, but the print wasn’t perfect.  And the beach towels are cute, but Lilly has made plenty of beach towels before, and I’m sure they’ll make them again.  The best purchase of the day ended up being this shift for my future niece, which I wish desperately they made in my size.  In the meantime, I’m setting my sights back on the warehouse sale, because I didn’t max out my Lilly budget all in one place on Sunday.

2 thoughts on “#LillyforTarget

  1. This is a fabbo piece of writing. I almost fell over dead laughing at “Preppy Hunger Games.” And p.s. my poor friend Wes went to Target yesterday as soon as the store opened to get his weekend chores out of the way . . . little did he know. . . . And also, thank you Lilly for Target–because in addition to a million people trolling eBay for the marked-up Target items, there were a million people trolling Etsy yesterday afternoon, and as a result, 3 of my handmade Lilly pillows are headed out the door to a customer today! And let’s not be dissing Walmart, please. I LOVE Walmart–great prices, great fabric, great stuff for stocking my kitchen, helpful sales associates everywhere you turn–what could be better? ♡♡♡

  2. Thank you so much my dearest for the gorgeous dress!! This is by far the cutest outfit in your niece’s wardrobe. I am saving it for her first birthday!! Also thank you again for yesterday and for all the delicious baked goods (as always). You are a star and a sweetheart and I am so happy and lucky to have SIL like you ❤ ❤ ❤

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