Two whole months have gone by since my last list, so here we go, dear readers.

be cool go to rita's.

Making: plans for summer.
Cooking: up plans to go back to Homearama this year.  CV(D) and I had so much fun last year, and this year, we’re bringing The (Not So) New Girl.
Drinking: “sangria” water.  Because it’s not enough to put lemon wedges in it, so I add strawberry and pineapple too.
Reading: nothing at the moment.  Suggestions?
Wanting: to dig into Oprah’s What I Know for Sure.  I miss watching Oprah every day just as much as I did years ago when she went off the air.
Looking: at every furniture catalog that comes my way.
Playing: ‘NSync on the way to work every day.
Deciding: how to spend a couple of “use ’em or lose ’em” personal days.  #LillySale
Wishing: we were in our house a smidge sooner so I could start planting peonies and hydrangeas everywhere.  Why would you ever need another kind of flower?
Enjoying: drinks on decks and live music.
Waiting: till I can go back to the beach.
Liking: that it’s peach green tea lemonade season at Starbucks again.
Wondering: what we used to eat for dinner.  Since my mother in law has cooked for us for the past several months, I don’t even remember what meals we kept in our rotation.  What are your go-to, weeknight meals, dear readers?
Loving: listening to thunderstorms.
Pondering: my summer plans.  Nothing big scheduled, but perhaps there are some little opportunities to get away here and there?
Considering: a new pair of Jack Rogers.  These, or stick with my regular Navajos?  Realizing I’m actually down a whole bunch of pairs of shoes.  I wear them out and don’t replace them.  Oops.
Watching:  The Affair.  Whoa.  It’s so intense.  It’s so dark.  It’s like Breaking Bad in that I get depressed and cranky after a couple of episodes.  I have one more to go, but I need a bright, sunshiney day and a block of time to finish it off.
Hoping:  my husband and I can find a lot more time to eat outside.  We went out for pizza last weekend and it was everything.
Marveling: at the amount of clothes I have given away.  I pared down my wardrobe when most of our stuff went into storage, and I still don’t wear everything in my closet.  Two big bags are now on their way to people who need clothes more than I do.
Needing: a daily dose of fresh air.
Smelling: spring!
Wearing: khakis, finally.  In high school, I was all about Gap khakis.  And then they stopped making them.  No problem, because then J.Crew started making great khakis.  And then they stopped making them.  I’ve been khaki-less (what a terrible prep) for about 5 years, until now. I found these at Anthro, bought two pairs, and am thrilled to welcome chinos back into my life.  Also, there are even more colors online than in the store, and if you don’t act fast, I will have bought them all.  And now you know way more about my pants than you ever wanted.
Following: the Phillies’ scores each night, even though we’re no good this year.
Noticing: that my disposition always improves dramatically with the advent of warmer weather.
Knowing: it’s time to clean out my Feedly again and simplify the list of blogs I’m ingesting each day.
Thinking: that Paper Source makes the best cards, and I love picking them out for all my friends.
Feeling: slightly overwhelmed by life at the moment, but knowing this too shall pass.
Admiring: people who don’t apologize for who they are.
Sorting: through old family photos to see what will be framed on our walls.
Buying:  Appliances.  Fingers crossed that GE Cafe fridges and ranges aren’t as horrifying as some of the reviews make them out to be.  I think you could hope that for just about anything that has reviews online.
Getting: excited about summer.
Bookmarking: weekenders.  Have I done my blog round up of the weekender bags I love?  In my head, I’ve done that post 8 times already.  We’re not really going anywhere this summer, but I’m such a sucker for weekenders.
Disliking: how hard it is to stay on top of “it all” at work, and in life.  Who are those people that do it all?  They don’t really do it all do they?
Praying: that this summer is as full of SCL and Queen Cupcake as it has the potential to be.
Opening: every furniture catalog that crosses my threshold.
Giggling: at The Office.  When it was good, it was so good.  I started 30 Rock too, and watch a couple of episodes when I need something lighthearted.
Snacking: On M&Ms.  I got 3 bags at half price after Easter.  I’m so addicted.  I know Queen Cupcake understands this love.
Coveting: all the iced coffee, all the time.
Wishing: the next 36 days would speed by, so we could be in our house.
Helping: out with whatever I can, wherever I can.  I’ve realized a couple of things that are everything to me, and a recent one is that I believe in putting your head down and doing the work.  More on this later.
Hearing: a lot of Alison Krauss, on my iPod, and my Pandora.

One thought on “Currently

  1. Love Alison Krauss. Navajos, please, or the screaming pink with white trim. The all-tan Jacks are too much like my old-lady flip-flops. Suggestion–Take Weds-Fri May 6-8 or even just Thursday and Friday May 7-8, then wake up Saturday morning and make the 3-hours-and-36-minutes drive to Midlothian to meet CV(D) and the (Not So) New Girl! I know, I know, I KNOW, I know….♡♡♡

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