On Pride (and cleanliness)


I’ve always had this aversion to hiring someone to clean our house.

What I used to tell people:  We only live in a two bedroom house and so I figure, if we can’t keep it clean without any children or pets, there’s really no hope for us.

I believe those words, but the truth is more than that.  The truth is that there is pride in being able to keep your house clean.  Not so clean that you’ve Craigs-listed the kitchen table in favor of eating off the floor, but clean enough for the day to day.

Not squeaky clean, but liveably clean.  Let’s make that a thing–liveably clean.  Definition: laundry is not overflowing anywhere, dishes may be left on the counter, but only because they are clean and drying, and the last time the house was vacuumed is still fresh in your mind.  I feel a sense of accomplishment when my house is liveably clean.

The goal of #AndThenWeBoughtAHouse is that there is truly a home for everything.  That horizontal surfaces will be clutter-free.  You better believe I’ll be pulling up Whitney’s #simplifyandscaleback for inspiration when it comes time to sort through all of our items in storage.  In the meantime, I saw this genius idea from Jess McDougall on Instagram.  I love that she has her shampoo and conditioner in clean, simply-labeled bottles.  Like, not only is my shower clean, I even rid the space of unnecessary packaging.  Winning.

2 thoughts on “On Pride (and cleanliness)

  1. Let’s add in good exercise. I cleaned from 1:30 to 5:00 yesterday afternoon, beginning with a major clutter attack and ending with mopping my floors, and I now feel fit as a fiddle. AND . . . my halo is tight!

  2. I really like that idea…liveably clean. It’s just me and my husband but we make messes daily and I need a stage between ‘tidying up’ and ‘extreme clean explosion’. 😛

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