Five Things

On five-five-fifteen

gtown cupcakes

1.  I got a new iPhone on Thursday, and I am beyond impressed with the camera.  (I totally shattered my old one and thank goodness I was due for an upgrade anyway.)

2.  I am a lame stickler for the Memorial Day – Labor Day rules of fashion.  This means we are currently entrenched in the most awkward 3 weeks of my life, in which I roast in my other clothes while waiting anxiously to bust out the Lilly and the Jacks.

3.  Reading!  I love reading, and I had a block of time to do it on Sunday.  I started All the Light We Cannot See, and Hold Me Closer, the Tiny Cooper Story.  Enjoying both in different ways.

4.  We went to pick out counters over the weekend, and holy slabs of Carrara marble, it was so much fun.  The guy we talked to was Chilean, and said if he had his way he would only ever choose honed Carrara, white cabinets, and subway tile, so obviously we are now best friends.  (Yes, I recognize he is in sales, and it’s in his best interest to tell me these things, and yet, I also believe him.)

5.  There’s a lot that’s fun planned for May, and I’m kind of excited about it.

(photo credit goes to Wooden Nickels)

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