#AndThenWeBoughtAHouse, Another Update

First post here, second, here.

We’re inching to the finish line of #AndThenWeBoughtAHouse, in which my husband and I, and our two contractor friends named Tim take up the better part of a year to renovate our little 1940, brick colonial.  Here are some facts for you:

The house began as 1040 square feet, and had three bedrooms (though I would say it was 2.5) and one bathroom.  When we finish with it, it will be about 1800 square feet, and have four bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.


The process itself is kind of hysterical when you think about it.  The space feels bigger and smaller depending on what’s happening when you’re checking in on it.  It’s a regular Alice in Wonderland experience as the roof goes in, but then the windows get framed, and then the walls are painted, but then cabinets fill up the space, etc.  The decisions are seemingly life altering, but really inconsequential (who is paying attention to the color of the grout between your tiles that closely?).  It takes forever, but when you look back on Instagram, you’re amazed at how much has been done in just a few weeks.  There were times when all I wanted was to stream every episode of Property Brothers, and Fixer Upper, and times when if you even mentioned the words Chip and Joanna in my presence, I’d scream.  Things I thought would cost thousands that didn’t, and things I thought would be a drop in the bucket and weren’t (I’m looking at you, garbage disposal and you too, humidifier).

But it’s almost finished, and so we have this glowing light at the end of the tunnel.  I’ve been making frivolous home purchases at Target, not that I’m in any financial position to do so, but just because I’m so dang excited.  Hoping to have an impressive home tour for you all by the end of July.  And if you know me in real life, I hope you’ll stop by long before then.

One thought on “#AndThenWeBoughtAHouse, Another Update

  1. Very exciting! And don’t forget–all those kitchen items you gave me a year ago–flour, sugar, etc.–are just as you left them (still full of flour and sugar). I really MEANT to do some cooking and baking, but. . . .

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