Around Here

birthday cupcake.

Around here I turned 31.  It wasn’t quite as scary as I thought it was going to be.

Around here it seems like summer is finally starting.  Our house is done (as done as it’s going to be for now), I’m off to the beach, and my muscles are slooooooowly unclenching after a year of living out of storage.

Around here I finished 30 Rock.  It took me a couple tries to get into the series.  I must have watched the first episode a handful of times over the past few years, but this time something stuck.  (I think it might have been that I was warming up for it with The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.)  It was hysterical, and I’ve been texting AGOMYR about how long I can wait before I start it all over again.  Now I’m watching Royal Pains.  Why didn’t you all tell me to start that show sooner?

Around here I started a new Instagram account.  aglassofmilkreads  It’s exactly what it sounds like.  I promise a reading update soon, dear readers.

Around here I’m pinning and cooking again!  But I haven’t been able to sit down to blog about it.  I talked to my friend Sarah about this, and about finding my voice.  She promised it will come back, and I’m so glad you’ll all be here when it does.  Back soon, dear readers.

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