Instagram Recipes

A while back, I shared that one of my favorite new ways to collect recipes is to screenshot other people’s Instagrams.  It seems like these recipes, more often than not, are assembled dishes, rather than full-blown lists of instructions, but I found no shortage of inspiration in July.  Here are my faves…

shutterbean appetizers.

Not surprisingly, Shutterbean is killing it with these appetizer trays.


And though I don’t think I’m strong enough to commit to a Whole 30, Elise’s dinner the other night had me craving this butternut squash/turkey/avocado skillet mix.


I bet you I could eat this sandwich every day and not grow tired of it.  Nikki always has great food on her feed.  She goes to more restaurants in a week than I could try in a year.

food and wine.

I am obsessed with BLTs in the summer, and this is the stuff of my dreams.

shutterbean tacos.

And oh, look, it’s Shutterbean again with some breakfast tacos.  I am so inspired by everything the Benjamins eat.

aspirational table.

And this isn’t a recipe, but would you just look at this table?  If you had asked me what an aspirational table was I probably wouldn’t have known what to tell you but do you see this picture????  An aspirational table is everything here.  Shout out to CV(D) for making the hydrangea part of this a reality in my life.

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