On Taste Buds

There are so many foods I eat now that I would not have touched as a picky six year old.  Or twenty-six year old.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve expanded my diet to include salads, fish, black beans, chickpeas, asparagus, and brussels sprouts.  Oh, and recently, oatmeal.

Without going too deep into my (many) neuroses, I will share that I realized there are a lot of foods I still don’t eat, not because I don’t like them, but because, as CV(D) would say, because I don’t prefer them.  One of those foods is sweet potatoes.  They’ve grown on me in the recent past, and I’m ready to make this fall (yep, I said fall) the season in which I fall for them.  I’m not planning to go Paleo and eat them at every meal, but I want to work them into our dinner rotation a bit.  I searched sweet potatoes on Food52 the other day and came up with a couple of recipes that look like winners.

pearl couscous with roasted roots, chickpeas, and pepitas.

Pearl couscous with roasty roots, chickpeas, and pepitas

black bean and sweet potato chili.

Smoky black bean and sweet potato chili
(I’m sure the whole point of this is that it’s vegetarian.  I would totally add ground turkey.)

Individual Sweet Potato Gratins with Creme Fraiche, Onions, and Bacon

Individual sweet potato gratins with creme fraiche, onions, and bacon

ciabatta stuffing with chorizo, sweet potato, and mushrooms.

Ciabatta stuffing with chorizo, sweet potato, and mushrooms

merguez and sweet potato hash.

Merguez and sweet potato hash
We have the best sausage guy at our favorite farmers market, and my fingers are crossed he has his merguez when we visit Sunday.

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