lilly cup.

Making: weekly meal plans again. I’ve always meant to post about how I go through that process.  Maybe someday I will.
Cooking: like there is no tomorrow.  Baking, too.
Drinking: that premade Starbucks stuff you can buy in the dairy aisle now.  It is not the same.  But it is less expensive.
Reading: nothing!  I need things to calm down a bit so I can get my brain power back.
Wanting: to make an Anthro run this weekend.
Looking: at getting some dates on the calendar to have people over to see our house!
Playing: with my Week in the Life album.
Deciding: what needs to come first in terms of “finishing” this house.
Wishing: I could get to bed as early as I mean to every night.
Enjoying: 30 Rock.  Again.
Waiting: for the next credit card cycle so I can order a living room rug.
Liking: Instagrams left and right, because Joy the Baker told me to.
Wondering: just how much work this home-ownership thing really is!?!?!
Loving: how much I’ve gotten to bake lately.
Pondering: the future of scrapbooking in my life.  I think I’d be content to do Week in the Life and December Daily every year.  But that doesn’t account for the new Project Life core kit I just bought.  #oops (ps, Becky Higgins’ entire shop is on sale this week)
Considering: purchasing some adult coloring books.  Thinking this one and this one, and a fresh set of colored pencils.
Watching: my husband celebrate my return to work with mirth, and song, and dance.
Hoping: that the people I invite over soon won’t mind the lack of rugs, or furniture.  I miss having people over, and I’m not waiting anymore.
Marveling: at the miracle that is exercising between work and going home.  The perfect reset button.
Needing: to order boots before it gets wet and cold and everyone else orders them and they sell out.
Smelling: the fertilizer on my lawn every night as we water it.  Mmmmmmmm.
Wearing: clothes that have traditionally been put away after Labor Day, after Labor Day.  This is the year.  I’m doing it.
Following: the US Open.  I love tennis season, and it always feels so short, since I only really watch the Grand Slams.
Noticing: that I can push through and get dinner on the table if I just don’t even sit down when I get home from work.
Knowing: I’m so much better at life if I have 30 quiet minutes when I get home from work.  No talking, no texts.
Thinking: I’m in one of those seasons where I keep buying “just one more jar” of Nutella.  Need to end that cycle.  It’s endless, though.
Feeling: pretty content with my work/life balance in these beginning days.
Admiring: kind people.
Sorting: through my clothes again and again and again.  Always so much to give away.
Buying: furniture by the boatload.  No, I’m totally kidding.  But I’m picking it out.
Getting: back into the swing of things this week.
Bookmarking: this oatmeal, which I devoured at The (Not S0) New Girl’s baby shower.
Disliking: the excuses I’m making for driving to work, instead of walking.  Oops.
Praying: the grass we just had planted in our yard starts to sprout everywhere, and not just in patches like it is right now.
Opening: a bunch of Etsy orders.  Lots of cards for lots of occasions, and a couple of things to hang on the walls.
Giggling: over this man, who is so much like my husband, it’s frightening.  The girl’s reactions are everything.  She is so done by the end.
Snacking: on anything salty.
Coveting: not much of anything right now.  I didn’t want to push myself too hard to think of something to covet.
Wishing: I could get myself into bed earlier.  I made it happen the other night and woke up without an alarm in the morning.  Dream world.
Helping: people stay on top of things in a couple areas of life right now.
Hearing: the neighbors playing outside every night.  So happy about that.

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