Ten Facts on the Tenth


  1.  OMG Chipotle is my fave, forever and always.
  2. I went to The (Not So) New Girl’s baby shower and there was a donut tree.  A donut tree!  Recreating this for CV(D) so soon.  I feel like I’ve told you this already, dear readers.
  3. My adult coloring book arrived, as did my colored pencils, and I am in love.  It paired so well with tennis watching all Labor Day weekend long.
  4. Speaking of Labor Day weekend, holy online sales, Batman.  I bought tons of new dresses in….grey and navy.  Shocker.
  5. I also went to Soul Cycle this weekend and didn’t hate it.  It took me about two hours of recovery time at home before I decided I might be brave enough to go back next week.  Might be.  And then I looked online and saw that classes are $30 each.  Eek.
  6. How amazing is this Instagram wall?  I’m putting one up in our house, stat.
  7. This week I am insanely busy, but I am committed to finishing Better Than Before.  I hope I can read more as my weeknight schedule clears up next week.
  8. I bought out the Trader Joe’s freezer section to deal with my insanely busy week, and my bill was still less than on a normal weekend trip to Giant.  Trader Joe’s is everything.
  9. There is this new movie theater not too far from us that will serve you dinner and bring you a pillow and a blanket and I can’t decide if I’m into this idea or not.  But people keep talking about it.
  10. We planted grass seed in our front and back yards and I have never understood the term “watching the grass grow” more.  Almost there.

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