Where I Find Books, Part 2

People ask me all the time where I find books to read, and though I’ve written about it before, I have a new source.  Instagram.  Since I started aglassofmilkreads, there are a couple of book-centric accounts I follow for inspiration.

bookface friday.:


bookface friday.:

Burlingame Public Library

I love my library with all of my heart, and all of my soul, but when I look at Burlingame Library’s Instagram feed, I so want to visit.  They have #bookfacefriday, in which creative souls take the covers of books and line them up with their own faces, or with the inanimate objects on the covers.  They also regram photos of their library card holders’ cards around the world.  They are amazingly cool.  (Does anyone even still say cool?)  They’re on fleek?


where i find books:

words of wisdom.:

Anne Bogel

Otherwise known as Modern Mrs. Darcy, Anne posts stacks and stacks and stacks of books to share what she is reading, and what she is reading with her kids.  She’ll also throw in nuggets of wisdom, like this one above.  The ironic thing being I have never finished a John Irving book because I simply don’t care for them.




Book Musings

Michelle has the most gorgeous bookshelves I’ve ever seen, and I consistently drool over her collection of Coralie Bickford Smith classics.   And it seems like she’s read a good number of them too.  Power to her.

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