Currently – Ish

I was going to do one of those “Currently” posts, in which I list out present participles, and you catch up on my daily comings and goings, but dear readers, my brain isn’t that organized.  Instead, please accept this random list of things on this, your Friday morning.  Cheers to the weekend.



  1. I am finally hosting Thanksgiving in a house that I love, that looks exactly (well, almost) like I want it to look, and in a kitchen with two ovens.  Revolutionary.  It’s gonna be one for the ages.  The planning has commenced.
  2. I was determined to get a Friendsgiving on the calendar, but the truth of it is, next week is a busy one at work, and it’s not realistic to get one on the calendar.  Sad face.  Who wants to come over for a casual gathering where I cook you turkey and green bean casserole?
  3. I checked out about a million books from the library on Monday evening, and I know I will never read them all in the three weeks I have them.  But perhaps it might help make a dent in them if I turned off the TV?  I think it might be time for another challenge: at least a half hour of reading every day left in 2015.  It starts now.  I’ve been about a half hour from finishing Mindy’s latest book for a week.
  4. TV is so addicting, though.
  5. Sous Chef Lauren is coming for a visit soon, and I haven’t seen her in forever, and I am so excited.  We’re going to hit up Pasta Mia, because pasta.
  6. Also, it’s basketball season, and I am beyond excited to see how Maryland disappoints me this year.  And to stay late at all the 9:00 games, and be a zombie at work the next day.
  7. Which brings me to my next random thought, Starbucks.  The (Not So) New Girl up and had a baby, which left me slightly scrambling at work, and running out for coffee every morning.  I decided I can live with less (Not So) New Girl or less Starbucks, but not both.  (Her child is ridiculously adorable, so it’s really all good.)
  8. My December Daily album is up in my office, and I’ve been eyeing some holiday cards, and starting to think about Christmas gifts.  It’s coming…

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