Updates, The Monday after Thanksgiving

Dear readers, I don’t even know how to begin updating you on life right now.  First of all, Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope yours was wonderful, filled with family and friends and pie.  If you’re here, reading this blog, right now, I’m thankful for you.  Yes, even though Thanksgiving is over, there’s always time to be thankful.

andre, the turkey.

My Thanksgiving was…..mostly fine? I’m working on figuring out how much food to cook at Thanksgiving.  My general rule of having people over is you can never have enough food. But our Thanksgiving required an Olympic-like matrix of food choices to satisfy a couple of vegetarians, a vegan, and of course, everyone’s personal preferences, and so I think I took, “You can never have enough food” to another leftover.  Our fridge will be full for the rest of my life.  Grandma Glass of Milk instilled in all of us a deep love of mashed potatoes, but other than that, I don’t think there is one food on the table that everyone eats.  Some of us like green bean casserole, while others prefer sweet potatoes, and still others like stuffing.  Do you know how much leftover stuffing I have, dear readers?  It’s ridiculous.  Who doesn’t eat stuffing?  Apparently the majority of my 12 guests.  On the plus side, I finally found a homemade version that tastes like my beloved Pepperidge Farm stuffing, so I’m happy in that department.

full plate.

And I made so much dessert that I forgot to put one of my options on the table.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t pie.  We had 5 of those, and some were barely touched.  I think Wooden Nickels and I are the only ones who eat pumpkin pie.  But you can’t have Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie.  Can you?

apple pie.

Our menu was:


  • Hummus, made from scratch by my sister-in-law
  • Sausage, spinach, and stuffing balls (they were gross, recipe not coming here)
  • Mushroom croustades (going down in history as the best appetizer ever, and recipe coming soon)

The Main Event


  • Vegan gingerbread, made by Wooden Nickels
  • Vegan pumpkin banana bars, made by Wooden Nickels
  • Double crust apple pie, made by some kind person who donated it to my workplace on Pie Day, which is my favorite day of the year.
  • Cranberry apricot pie, also donated, similar recipe here
  • Vanilla bourbon pumpkin pie
  • Williams Sonoma pecan tart (which my mother and sister-in-law swear is the best ever, but I don’t eat pecan pie, so I wouldn’t know)
  • Chocolate chip pie (recipe coming soon)
  • My Aunt Leigh’s blondies (which I had to make, since she couldn’t join us this year)
  • Rocky road fudge (recipe coming soon)

*I know there are those of you who believe Thanksgiving is no place for appetizers, because they just get in the way of the main course.  But we’ve already gone over my stance on how much food is too much, especially on holidays.


3 thoughts on “Updates, The Monday after Thanksgiving

  1. Wow, I’m honored for the credits! And every single thing was delicious!!!!! I’m still feeling joyous and thankful. Just wondering . . . what’s the reason you don’t buy Pepperidge Farm stuffing if you love it? I think I could actually handle that recipe that’s on the bag if you want me to take over that one! ♡♡♡

  2. It was THE BEST Thanksgiving feast ever!! You are a gracious host in addition to being a talented cook/baker. I am sorry your niece was a little on the grumpy side that day – I hope we will get invited again. I am having the leftovers for lunch as I write this. It was so lovely to see Wooden Nickels and your dad again and to meet your uncles and aunts. Much love and thanks again ❤

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