December Traditions

Becky and her team have been posting about Christmas traditions each day, and it’s making me think a lot about what ours are, and what they might become in the future.


Here’s where we are now:

Decorations – The more, the better.  The (Not So) New Girl asked me and Ali whether we were all about understated decorations, or gaudy ones.  I think I’m more understated in appearance, but OMG put them everywhere.  The day after Thanksgiving, I bring the boxes up from the basement and get to work putting everything in its place.  (That said, our tree has lights and no ornaments, and has been sitting pretty that way for almost a week.  We keep meaning to get around to it.)

The Tree – A family friend of ours, who has been married for ages, once told us the secret to a good marriage is deciding whether or not you’ll have tinsel on your tree.  Apparently this is a huge fight she and her husband had to conquer before moving forward with their lives.  The good news for me is neither of us are tinsel people.  We are real tree people.  We are colored lights, and ornaments with meaning people.  It’s nice when trees look gorgeous and coordinated, but it’s nicer when they mean something.

The Lights – The weekend after Thanksgiving, we found out I am crazed when it comes to Christmas lights.  I spent 3 trips to Target purchasing and returning lights that I deemed unacceptable.  Did we need twinkle lights?  LED cool lights or old fashioned warm lights?  How much was I willing to spend on lights to get just the right look?  The answers to these questions, at least for this year, are that cool blue, LED twinkle lights will have to do, though they may not be the long-term look I’m going for.  On the long-term list of investments to make are larger, old-fashioned bulbs for the perimeter of our house, and a huge ladder.

Elf on the Shelf – We love Larry.  Period.  Love looking up how other people hide theirs, love picking new places to put him, love seeing where he ends up each day.

The Card Wall – We do this (speaking of Becky) every year, and it is my very favorite.  I’d show you a picture of it, but it’s too small right now.  Coming soon, dear readers.

And where I want to go?

I love the idea of a Christmas book tradition.  See one idea here, and another here.

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