A List


On a Wednesday

  • I’m off work this week, and this is pretty much my plan.  Thanks, Sous Chef Lauren, for recognizing my ability for greatness.
  • In the meantime, I’ve been crushing some Great British Baking Show.  Thanks, Sous Chef Lauren, for turning me on to British people who say things like, “self saucing pudding,” and “cling film.”
  • I read numbers one and two on this list, and I was all, yeah, this list is great, this accurately describes my life, and then I got to 3 and 4 and was like, oh forget it.
  • Speaking of which, I haven’t made a resolution for 2016.  Is that okay?  What does it say about my age that I’ve stopped making them?
  • I also watch Jeopardy every night now.  Yup.
  • Lilly makes yoga pants, and I probably need them, right?
  • I have enough notepads accrued over the years that I will need to buy a new one never, and yet I have to constantly remind myself not to buy them.  Cute, lined pieces of paper are so alluring.
  • Speaking of shopping for things I don’t really need, there are peonies at Whole Foods, and that means they’re also on my kitchen island.
  • Which I cleaned off completely before hosting taco night (to be documented here soon).
  • What good internet do you all read, dear readers?  It seems like after YEARS of talking about how blogs are dying, that might actually be true now?  I’m running out of internet.

2 thoughts on “A List

  1. What good internet do I read? ~ “A Glass of Milk,” of course!!!!! Oh yeah, I forgot that you didn’t clean off the counter so that WN could make WFGCS’s. I guess it really isn’t all about me! Peonies are gorgeous, keep buying them.

  2. Now I understand why I got funny looks when I asked for “cling film” at Safeway! What should I be calling cling film? BTW, Hear, hear to Wooden Nickels’ first two sentences above. Are we going to get the best of 2015 this year or am I asking for too much?

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