Snow Day Internet!


Still snowed in, dear readers?  We’ve got 30 inches of completely untouched snow sitting out, well, everywhere, and I’m nothing if not good for finding some internet for us to enjoy while we wait to be plowed.*

First of all, you have to have seen this already, but just in case.  Love that James Corden just went for it and harmonized with Adele in the car.  If I were anywhere within ten yards of Beyonce, I have a feeling I’d suddenly be rendered mute.

There are champagne gummi bears in the world.  Sugarfina just opened a store nearby and I can’t wait to get out and see if these can exist in my daily life.

How to hygge.  Oh, you don’t know about hygge-ing?  Hygge is a Danish word that translates to cozy, but in context, it’s more about “creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people” (I didn’t make that up).  If you want to use it in a sentence, say, “hoog-a” to make sure you pull off the properly accented pronunciation.  When it comes to #14, embrace that there is no bad weather, only bad clothes, may I gently point you in this direction.  The red ones are on sale and that never happens, and that’s the only color I don’t have, so, um, I just bought them.

And because I sometimes confuse the Danes and the Dutch, that brings us to Flow, a Dutch magazine AGOMYR tipped me off to recently.  My favorite column is “Decluttering with Astrid.”  Because my goal is always to be better at it, even though I’m awful at it.

Bestie Row!  I own way (way, way) too much crap to ever live in a tiny house, but I do love the idea of living in a row with all your besties.  Are you reading this group text?  Could we ever agree on where we’d live?  (Dear SCL and Queen Cupcake, you’ll note I can’t even type that sentence as it pertains to us. Unless, we go back to the Bahamas?)

Joy the Baker posted this article about the intersection of cupcakes and Sex and the City.  You can keep Friends and Dawson’s Creek, oh devoted followers of the best television programming in the late 90s and 2000s.  I will forever hold Sex and the City close to my heart.  (They also mention Sugar Sweet Sunshine, which remains an all time fave.)

Also through Joy, I found this update on YHL.  Love John and Sherry, always and forever.  But here’s the thing.  I don’t miss seeing updates about their house.  I mean, I’d love to see the “finished” product, but I don’t wake up and wonder if they’re DIY-ing anything today.  But what I miss are the little photos of Clara and Teddy, and updates about their family antics.  What is the world coming to that I felt like I, “simultaneously knew everything about them and didn’t really know them at all”?  (And love that we can’t make it through any article on the state of blogging without talking to Grace Bonney.)

Does your Instagram suggest you like photos from Black Tap?  Because mine always does, and I’m dying.

A coworker posted a funfetti skillet cake she made in anticipation of the storm this weekend.  I assume it’s this one, and have since clicked on about a million links on Sally’s blog.  Always love a new to me site.

After pinning their boozy coconut hot chocolate, I’ve also been clicking around on Cake n Knife.

We ran out of eggs after I brought brownies to the neighbors’ last night.  But this doesn’t need eggs, and the longer we’re snowed in, the more I’m going to need it.

Binge watching:

The Office – AGOMYR and I have been rewatching
The Affair – I figured now was as good a time as any to do my 7 day free trial of Showtime.  Hello, season 2.
Mozart in the Jungle – I haven’t sat down with the second season yet.
Pride and Prejudice – The Kiera Knightly version showed up in my Netflix feed last night.
On my radar:  Breathless on Amazon Prime, Chelesa Does on Netlfix, Suits on Amazon Prime (and we all know I’ll really just rewatch the first season of Gossip Girl for the 80th time)

Dear readers, have you seen any of those yet?  Any recommendations?  (And no, I will not watch Making of Murderer on Netflix.  I like sleeping too much.)

Binge listening:

Awesome Etiquette – The podcast from the Emily Post Institute
Life Lately – Clara Artschwager’s new podcast
What Should I Read Next – Anne Bogel’s new podcast (you might know her as Modern Mrs. Darcy)

Book Report coming Thursday, but you can always follow @aglassofmilkreads in the meantime.

*I’m actually looking for that perfect amount of plowed that lets me make a Starbucks run, but doesn’t allow me to be back at my place of employment.  Am I reaching for the stars here?


3 thoughts on “Snow Day Internet!

  1. Excellent–I had forgotten all about “Am I reaching for the stars here?” Will have to watch that one again soon!

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