The Story Behind the Menu – Brunch with Friends

You may remember that last year, my college friends got together for a Favorite Things party, in which we, well, bought our favorite things for each other.

This year, I got to play hostess!

Who: 6 friends; 5 sorority sisters, and 1 friend we adopted into our clan 10 years ago when we met her at a work orientation

What: Our 2nd Annual Favorite Things Brunch

When: One oddly warm January morning

Why: Because it’s becoming a tradition.


We couldn’t find a pre-Christmas date that worked for the whole gang, so we celebrated right after New Years.

Between the 6 of us, there are 4 little boys and a tutu-clad little girl.  And let me tell you, though I have contributed none of those kids, these girls are my #momgoals.  Despite having little ankle-biters running around at home, and working regular jobs, and I don’t know what other things moms do, they found the time to wrap their gifts beautifully, and bring MORE than just favorite things.  I saw gifts being exchanged for the little ones, and I even got a housewarming gift out of the deal, too.

(It’s a return address stamp, and I have written over 50 thank you notes in the past two months, so let me tell you, dear readers, this gift is perfection.)

Of course, with 5 little people running all over the place, I barely had time to stop and snap pictures, but what can you do?  Here’s how the morning went:


The thought process:  For brunch, I like to make sure there’s an egg-y dish, a fruit of some sort, and I’d say I like to make sure I have carbs, but it’s brunch; it’s the carb-heaviest meal I can think of.  I was trying to think about this crew, and whether anyone has dietary restrictions, and no one does.  Clearly my most low-maintenance group of friends.  I did want to make sure there was at least one healthier choice, because though none of us have trouble indulging in something sweet now and then, I didn’t know how these ladies preferred to feed their children.

The menu:

  • Blueberry Banana Baked Oatmeal from Heidi (holy goodness, this is a great breakfast food, especially if drizzled with extra maple syrup)
  • Crockpot Cinnamon Roll Casserole (inspired by AGOMYR, who made it for a staff breakfast one morning…followed the recipe except I used coconut milk because yum)
  • Hashbrown Sausage and Cheese Casserole (which is not that different from this, except it is different in an important way and that is that it is also amazing, and worth making on separate occasions)
  • fruit salad
  • mimosas

What worked:  The menu!  All the kids had something to eat, which had been one of my main concerns. And I was happy with all three dishes I made, and that rarely happens.  Loved having the leftovers as a way more fun alternative to cereal and smoothies for weekday breakfasts.

What didn’t:  Um, nothing?  It was a truly great morning.  I felt a little out of place hosting littles of so many ages.  We don’t have toys to play with, but moms know when a hostess will be grossly under-prepared to deal with their ilk, and come armed.  When my friend Ashley’s daughter wasn’t sure about our house at first, Ashley assured me that all it would take was some Taylor Swift, so she plunked on the floor and we shook it off.

Oh, and the favorite things?

  • LUSH cosmetics
  • hand sanitzer on one of those loop-y things that you can carry everywhere
  • dry shampoo (which I’ve been dying to try, so here’s my risk free investment)
  • a koozie (you can never have too many)
  • this orange-y flavored gum
  • bobby pins
  • local Michigan chocolate and caramels
  • a cookie scoop (gee, wonder who picked that?)
  • Am I forgetting something?

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