Random List Week – Tuesday

I go through reading phases, where I’m super into chick lit, YA, or non-fiction.  But the one genre I can’t go too long without reading is memoir.  There’s something about getting a glimpse into someone else’s story that captivates me.  I just downloaded The Other Wes Moore, about two kids, both named Wes Moore, born just a few blocks away from each other in Baltimore, whose lives ended up taking dramatically different paths. I think it’s going to be fascinating.

Today’s random list includes some of my favorite memoirs, in no particular order.

Relish, by Lucy Knisley (source)

Glitter and Glue, by Kelly Corrigan

Delancey, by Molly Wizenberg

Brain on Fire, by Susannah Cahalan

Yes Please, by Amy Poehler

I’ll Drink to That, by Betty Halbreich

Popular, by Maya van Wagenen

The End of Your Life Book Club, by Will Schwalbe

The Sweet Life in Paris, by David Lebovitz

My Life in France, by Julia Child (host to one of my all-time favorite lines:  Zut!  We had muffed it!)

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, by Barbara Kingsolver

I’m a Stranger Here Myself, by Bill Bryson



3 thoughts on “Random List Week – Tuesday

  1. While we joke about me and how I don’t read novels (aka books that say “a novel” on the cover), let’s talk about how I’m a sucker for memoirs. Over the summer, I read the Bill Bryson title you named (I’d consider some of his other books my gateway to memoir love) and also a bunch by actresses/comedians – Tina Fey, Amy Pohler, Mindy Kaling, and Judy Greer. I also read “Upstairs at the White House”, by J.B. West, just to throw a more serious one in there. Oh! And there were some random paperbacks from the library but I never wrote these things down so I can only name what I have on my kindle.

  2. I’ve been silently reading your blog for a couple months, so “hi!” Your lists have prompted two comments from me… Memior: I’ve been trying to read Katherine Graham’s for a while, like 14 months. She’s the former publisher of the WaPo. It’s interesting, though out of touch! If you want to read it, I’ll send it to you.
    Recipes (sorry,wrong post): I’ve been SUPER curious about the slow cooker Mac & cheese. Can’t wait to hear your impression. I’ve been too stuck in the stove top version to try.

    Love the blog!

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