Stationery Round Up


I’m in a season of life that has me writing at least one thank you note per day.  It’s a great place to be.  As such, I’m fresh out of my old stationery, and I’m almost fresh out of the new stationery I just ordered.  Which means I’ve sent over 100 thank you notes in under 3 months.  Which is totally awesome.  (Which reminds me of this, which was, also, awesome.)

And leaves me searching for my next batch of note cards.  Which would you choose?

Portrait Illustrated Flat Notes & Calling Cards

For something non-traditional, Rifle Paper Company’s personalized portrait stationery

Debossed Panel Informal Notes - Square

For a bargain, American Stationery’s debossed panel notes (I also love these as a more informal option)

For a trendy, gold look, Linda and Harriet for Paperless Post’s With Hugs and Kisses cards

For the preppiest stationery in town, Boatman Geller’s anything

For the most classic, Crane & Co’s ecru note cards

(Side note–I heard about this book on The Awesome Etiquette Podcast and I’m intrigued. I wasn’t super into it just by looking on Amazon, but the reviews seem higher than usual.)


7 thoughts on “Stationery Round Up

    • Seconded! On all accounts. Actually, I’d be curious to know how JLo would rate me on a scale of preppiness. I am so curious to know if she thinks I am more/less preppy than I consider myself to be.

      • I would have sworn you’d go Rifle, AGOMYR! And CVD owns some striped items, which I like to think is my influence. She owned nothing remotely preppy before she knew me. AGOMYR, you own a lot of JCrew, but none of it is the preppier stuff. I’m going to need some more time to figure you out. 🙂

  1. Whichever you like, but please use the “Jackie Mock” font! I like the little LLBean tote. The XOXO is cute, too, but Karen Blixen needs to liven up her typeface (zzzzzzz).

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