IMG_9281 Making: our wedding album.  6.5 years later, I finally completed it, and clicked order (from Moleskine + Milk Books, per AGOMYR’s recommendation).  Cannot wait till it arrives, right around Valentine’s Day.
Cooking: absolutely nothing!  The Group text made me brunch and I am still working my way through the insane amount of leftovers.
Drinking: milk. Also milkshakes.
Reading: A Window Opens.  Which, if you follow @aglassofmilkreads, you know I started ages ago.
Wanting: more snow!
Looking: forward to spring, too, because I will be sitting and reading on the screened in porch for all of it.
Playing: Candy Crush (hides head).
Deciding: to bite the bullet and add Showtime to my Amazon Prime.
Wishing: spring would hurry up and get here so I can read on our screened in porch.
Enjoying: the dent I got to make in my to-do list with 6 bonus days off of work.
Waiting: for Wooden Nickels and Pops to come visit and bring me every single kind of everything from Carlino’s.
Liking: Spotify’s acoustic covers playlist.
Wondering: how my grocery bill ends up higher than I anticipate on every single trip.
Loving: that this blog has had posts up consistently again.
Pondering: little things I can do for people to make them smile (more on that soon).
Considering: that I sleep better when I haven’t watched Homeland right before bed.
Watching: Adele’s carpool karaoke again and again.  And really, just the part where James Corden sings and she goes, “That was amazing!”
Hoping: to do a couple of nice things for people in the next week or two.
Marveling: at NPR’s book concierge.  It’s new to me.  How did it take me so long to find?
Needing: to replace my Gardenia Passion.
Smelling: pizza.  But that’s because I have wanted to order it forever, and I haven’t, and now I notice it when I get gas (next to Dominos) and when I walk by the cafeteria after work.
Wearing: the same 5 outfits on rotation.  I need the weather to make a decision.  Is it going to be cold or warm?
Following: all the trailers and promotional stuff coming out for Fuller House.
Noticing: that setting a goal to read every day is working for now.
Knowing: the amount of clutter in my house right now is ridiculous and unacceptable.
Thinking: that I just don’t know if I can wait till August before I see the beach.
Feeling: warm fuzzies as we get closer to Valentine’s Day.
Admiring: this sweater Ali tipped me off to.
Sorting: laundry.  Endless laundry.
Buying: groceries to stock the freezer for the months ahead.
Getting: little gifts in the mail to some wonderful people.
Bookmarking: this list of podcasts.
Disliking: how long it’s been since I’ve made cupcakes.  I have everything I need to make these, but then I saw these….we’ll see.
Praying: I filled out our taxes right.  Why is it so complicated?  And I’m a smart lady!
Opening: so many forms.  Doctors.  Taxes.  Boring!
Giggling: at this quiz, that thinks I’m 13.
Snacking: on Raisin Bran muffins (recipe to come).
Coveting: these.
Wishing: for just one or two more snow days.
Helping: myself stay organized by making lists on lists.
Hearing: Carole King on repeat

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