A Funny Question

Dear readers, if you don’t mind my asking, do you have art in your bathrooms?  I have two with significant wall space in need of filling.

the someday.:


When I searched Pinterest, most bathrooms didn’t have anything on the walls, which leaves me devoid of inspiration.

penny tile.:

(a beautiful mess)

Then, when I searched bathroom artwork, I came up with lots of tongue-in-cheek art prints about the proper ways to hang or replace the toilet paper roll.

No thanks.



Having photographs in the bathroom seems odd.  I don’t want “people” staring at me as I take a shower, thankyouverymuch, but those walls need something.  And yet, my favorite pieces (like these two new prints I just ordered) feel like they belong in more of a place of honor.

I’ll take all the suggestions I can get here, dear readers.  How are your bathroom walls adorned?

3 thoughts on “A Funny Question

  1. I do have art in my powder rooms. My fave is a floral print that’s in my lavender-walled powder room. Sorry, but I don’t like “people prints” in bathrooms, and my first thought about print #1 (which I actually love) is that if it were in a bathroom, it might appear at first glance that she’s sitting on a toilet, not in an adirondack chair. I know, I know, but well, it’s true, dear. And I wouldn’t want that guy in the bow tie looking at me. So, since you asked, I’d go for nature-ish stuff–sunflowers, oceans, whatever. And yes, put some art up on the walls.

  2. I had two large shell prints in my apartment bathrooms (they traveled with me from apartment to apartment until I finally sold them over the summer- thanks Facebook yard sale!) and grew up with water colors of flowers that my gram had painted in both of our bathrooms. I will now do further research into prints that might work.

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