Do You Have China?

Dear readers, do you have fancy china?  I know it’s a hotly contested topic among those who create wedding registries these days.  If what I see online is to be believed, more people don’t register for formal china than do.  It makes sense.  We millennials are a casual bunch.


But I have formal china.  Two sets.  Oops.

That’s a whole long story involving registering for china that would match Grandma Glass of Milk’s just in case I was lucky enough to be the recipient of Grandma Glass of Milk’s one day.  Spoiler alert.  I was.  And now, I have two full sets.  This one, which is also featured heavily in the Van Der Woodsen home on Gossip Girl (heart eyes), and this one, which I believe comes from the 1950s.


And the other day, AGOMYR texted me about Suite One Studio, who makes this most gorgeous set right here.  AGOMYR was in camp “I didn’t register for china,” and now has her heart set on this brand.  Can you blame her?

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