Making: sure to start each day with no expectations
Cooking: nothing at all
Drinking: all the vanilla lattes
Reading: books with short chapters (post on that coming soon)
Wanting: not much of anything right now
Looking: at our gardens, and loving hat they will hopefully become
Playing: on my stomach with the Gooplet
Deciding: Amazon’s ability to ship you anything in two days is miraculous
Wishing: making tough choices was easier
Enjoying: that after nine months, Rose is back in my life
Waiting: for my husband to get home from work everyday, so we can go for walks
Liking: blue and white striped everything (surprise!)
Wondering: what the next couple months will bring
Loving: Anne Bogel’s What Should I Read Next podcast
Pondering: a podcast of my own #goals
Considering: that it may be 8 years before I regain the use of both hands at once
Watching: Hart of Dixie – so mindless; so necessary
Hoping: for good nap days
Marveling: at Jared Nickens’ Running Man moment(s) of fame
Needing: sleep
Smelling: spring rain
Wearing: clothes I’ve missed terribly
Following: a bunch of new accounts on Instagram
Noticing: we have some truly kind and generous neighbors
Knowing: I need to keep repeating, “Good for her, not for me” to make it through some days (thanks, Amy Poehler)
Thinking: we need a cleaning person
Feeling: overwhelmed?  loved?  stressed?  joyful?  #allthefeels
Admiring: moms who make it work
Sorting: laundry, always
Buying: this black cardi from Nordstrom to replace my old one that I wore until it had holes in it
Getting: coffee in the afternoon now, instead of the morning
Disliking: how short spring always is
Praying: without ceasing
Opening: little cards and gifts here and there
Giggling: over not knowing what day of the week it is
Snacking: as often as possible
Coveting: a good new pair of sunglasses
Wishing: for endless porch happy hours
Helping: myself by vowing to get out of the house once a day
Hearing: ocean sounds before bed every night

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