What I’m Loving – May Edition

I know, I know, there’s not as much food on this blog as there used to be.  But I haven’t cooked as much as I used to.  On the other hand, it’s warm out, which always puts me in a good mood, I’m not being taxed at work, which frees up some brain space, and I’ve got stuff to share.  Here’s some random internet I’m loving this month.

so fun.:

I spy PillowFort in this picture (source).  I am loving Target’s collection, and have had to restrain myself from buying the flamingo sheets on multiple Target runs.  Also the ice cream sheets.  There would be 0 purpose for them in my life, but holy cuteness.  I love how this room mixes patterned sheets with a striped comforter.  I would never have been fun enough to think of that risk, but it totally works.

My all time favorite 73 questions is SJP, but Taylor Swift’s was fun to watch.

Cup of Jo called Crazy Ex Girlfriend 30 Rock-level smart, and Season 1 is free on iTunes right now.  My husband just set up our Apple TV, so I’m all in.  (A note-perhaps I’m technologocially challenged, but I couldn’t find it free straight through iTunes.  I used the link here.)

A note-I love Cup of Jo, and have for years.  But I do know that whenever she posts a home tour, the house will invariably look just like this.  Intersting piece on the Kinfolk-ization of design. (via Shutterbean)

Also via Shutterbean, is some F-ing Barefoot Contessa Cookbook Titles.  Oh Ina, don’t worry, we all love you so much more than we love poking fun of you.

Holy shoes!  (Thanks, Jessica)

I totally missed summer drinking season last year, so this Not-So-Basic Guide to Rose is already helping me make up for lost time.

Speaking of rose, I thought it was in this, but it’s not.  This is a tart with strawberries cut into roses, like, the flower.  Despite lacking one of my favorite types of booze, it looks tremendously gorgeous, and I’d love for someone to make it for me.

I’ve never made crepes, but Deb says I shouldn’t be so intimidated, and in fact, I could host a brunch with crepes as the star.  I can’t imagine having the energy to host a brunch ever again, but logically, that can’t be.  When I do, maybe I’ll try these.

This strawberry cake, on the other hand, seems like something I could make happen, given the limited time I have to work with.  Should I dare put it on the menu this week?


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