Six Things

San Francisco:

um, hi.:

(can’t find the original source for the first or second picture…sad face)

On the sixth.

  1.  OMG, are you all watching OITNB?  If you gave up on it last season, I’m hereby begging you to get back to it.  You don’t even have to watch season 3.  Just go online and catch yourself up with what happened.
  2. Speaking of TV, we are finally getting a new season of The Great British Bake Off, and thank goodness Mary Berry is back in my life.
  3. The (Not So) New Girl and I have big, big plans to paint my basement stairs a la Meg’s Craft House.  It’s on our summer bucket list.
  4. I started the summer out reading a ton and now I hit a little slump.  I got about 4 books in from the library at once, but didn’t get inspired enough to read any of them.  They are slightly (ever so slightly) deeper than my usual frothy summer reads, and I’m sad I don’t have the stamina to make it through right now.
  5. Because I spend 90% of my life in a state of complete exhaustion, the impulse purchases I have made at the grocery store are getting ridiculous.  My two best are probably frozen curly fries, and these 150 calorie sea salt caramel frozen yogurt bars.
  6. Lilly brought back one of my most favorite prints, You Gotta Regatta.  It’s sold out in a lot of places, but it’s popped up on Amazon and Zappos recently.  If they bring Lobstah Roll back next summer I’ll be so happy.

3 thoughts on “Six Things

  1. You Gotta Regatta is really nice. If it makes you feel better, I stopped at Popeye’s last night and had 2 pieces of spicy chicken with a side order of rice and beans and mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert. It was absolutely disgusting and absolutely delicious.

  2. A former student once told me my You Gotta Regatta maxi looked like someone drew all over my dress with a highlighter. Wore it to his bar mitzvah two years later and he remembered what he said!

  3. Love it! And gosh, a-glass-of-milk, isn’t it time to add to and update the “Meet the Cast”?

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