Guest Post from CV(D) [whiskey river chicken wraps]

*It’s a big day here at a glass of milk, because CV(D) is here with a guest post.  I have heard tell about her whiskey river chicken wraps (on the menu at Red Robin) forever, and I’m so glad she’s sharing her secrets today.  As soon as this post appeared in my inbox, I went out and bought all the ingredients we didn’t have and made these for dinner the same night.  This is a winning recipe!*

Dearest readers,

May I call you that? I may not know all of you, but maybe you know me- surprise! It’s CV(D) here with a guest post while *someone* is distracted by her adorable cheeky Gooplet and hopefully enjoying some time at the beach. If you’re like me, you’ve been starving for AGOM posts, so I took matters into my own hands and surprised our dear blogger with a pre-written post that’s all ready to go!
A go-to in the D’s household, when I’m not using recipes from this little blog, is imitating meals from our favorite restaurants, and this recipe is a super easy one that I easily modified to make both grownups in our house happy.
*this is where JLo will put a picture if she posts this*
**Note from JLo – Oh, CV(D), we tried, we tried to get these made AND take a great picture of them, but all we got is this shot, which I snapped with a whiny baby in my arms.**
**Aren’t you glad we had CV(D) to give us that second, money shot?**
Imitation Red Robin Whiskey River BBQ Chicken Wraps
You’ll need:
Grilled chicken (or baked)
BBQ sauce (Sweet Baby Rays!)
Ranch (I skip this, oops!)
Shredded cheese (lately I’ve been substituting avocado)*
Crunchy tortilla strips
Spinach Wraps*
Cut up your chicken (reheat of precooked)
Cut up your lettuce
Lay the wrap on a plate (optional- heat up)
Put on ranch and BBQ sauce
Add lettuce, chicken, cheese, and tortilla strips
Wrap that wrap!
Serve with your favorite at-home French fry; I think it’s best with tots.
*I like cheese and avocado, so I used both!  And no spinach wraps on my trip to the grocery store, so these are boring, old, flour tortillas.

One thought on “Guest Post from CV(D) [whiskey river chicken wraps]

  1. Oh I love this idea! Well, I mean the recipe is nice and all, but what I love is the idea of a guest post by CV(D)! And that person in the background of Photo 1 looks familiar! 🙂

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