Making: a hair appointment. This is momentous.
Cooking: lots in the slow cooker. Trying a new recipe tonight that does not involved cream of mushroom.
Drinking: Rose in a can!  (also, sparkling cranberry juice; a new obsession)
Reading: Shop Class as Soulcraft. Because my dad told me to.
Wanting: to order a couple more pairs of Pilcro chinos before fall hits.
Looking: into getting built ins made here at La Moneda.
Playing: podcast after podcast.
Deciding: to wait to go to IKEA until after Maryland has started for the year.
Wishing: for the green light to feed Gooplet some solids!
Enjoying: the rhythm of our days lately.
Waiting: on slightly cooler days when I can walk after 10 a.m. without melting.
Liking: how many August birthday cards I’m sending.
Wondering: whether I can keep up with reading at the rate my holds are coming in from the library.
Loving: a new to me Barefoot Contessa recipe (coming soon, duh!)
Pondering: a couple schedule options for fall. It stresses me out to think about schedules again!
Considering: ways to organize the pantry.  Boring, but necessary.
Watching: UnReal. And it’s so good.
Hoping: my husband has to go on a business trip somewhere fun, and we can tag along.
Marveling: at the uptick in laundry a daily pool visit causes.
Needing: a new TV. Our big guy broke.
Smelling: chlorine.
Wearing: athletic shorts on repeat.
Following: my gut when it comes to a couple of mom-things.
Noticing: how quiet DC is in August. We’re not usually home.
Knowing: that we are slowly turning La Moneda into exactly the house we want.
Thinking: about making the most giant to-do list that ever was.
Feeling: weird about this back to school season looking so different.
Admiring: people who are really and truly kind.
Sorting: through a bunch of books.
Buying: new little boy clothes from ThredUp.
Getting: so emotional over Olympic wins.
Bookmarking: everything on Pinterest.
Disliking: how fast summer always flies by.
Praying: for lots of big people I know, headed off to college.
Opening: real mail. I love real mail.
Giggling: at the swim team’s carpool karaoke.
Snacking: on milkshakes. If that’s a snack.
Coveting: Pottery Barn outdoor furniture.
Wishing: I could magically make travel with a baby easier and Hamilton tickets fell in my lap.
Helping: myself to M&Ms each evening.  Guilty pleasure.
Hearing: white noise.  Always white noise.

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