I Want to Remember

*A quick note before we begin. I knew, long before Gooplet was born, that this was never going to become a mom blog. But I did become a mom. And Gooplet is a giant slice of my life. And this site is where I come to ramble about life. So, inspired by Ali Edwards‘ journaling prompts, here’s my first update (Goopdate?) on mom life. Don’t worry, we’ll soon be back to our regularly scheduled program. 

Summer 2016

I want to remember the beach this year. You stopped sleeping well, but when you woke up early and we watched the sunrise over the water it was magic. 

I want to remember visiting all our friends and hanging out on baby time this summer. 

I want to remember I found my way back into the kitchen this summer. Dinners aren’t quite as hands-on as they used to be, but I’m cooking. And even better, I’m baking again. Nothing makes me happier. 

I want to remember you started giggling this summer. Sometimes you giggle for no reason, but sometimes you laugh when we dance and sing, or when I tickle you. It’s always the highlight of my day. 

I want to remember that our nights are rough right now, but when you wake up, you smile so wide. 

I want to remember that every morning, before it gets too hot, we walk to Starbucks for (iced) coffee. Everyone there knows you, and when I go alone on the weekends, the baristas all ask where you are.

I want to remember our afternoons at the pool. I grew up going to the pool most afternoons, and then I took the kids I used to nanny for. And our pool has that vibe. I sit on the edge of the baby pool, hold your hands, and you lean all the way back so your hair gets wet. 

I want to remember how wiggly you are. I swear, you are going to be crawling tomorrow.

I want to remember your little personality right now. I think you’re a mix of your dad and me. You’re social, and like being around people, but you need some chill time at home after we’ve been out and about all day. As long as we manage to strike that balance, our days are pretty smooth. 

3 thoughts on “I Want to Remember

  1. This is so sweet. We didn’t have blogs in 1984. (Oh wait, we had pens and paper.) Keep the Goopdates coming!!!!!!!!! Heart heart heart

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