On Junk Food

Dear readers, what are your junk food weaknesses?  My number one is probably M&Ms.  Either plain or peanut butter.  I can get into the coconut ones for about two handfuls before I’m over them.  And second is ice cream, a dessert to which I cannot say no.  When it comes to crazy desserts, I’m hit or miss.

AGOMYR sent me these browned butter oreo nutella blondies, and I made them almost instantly.  And they were good.  But maybe, a little much?  Maybe a browned butter blondie, sans Oreo and Nutella would be better?  And maybe an Oreo and Nutella blondie would work too?  But everything all together? Too much for me.

I would say I’m more of a junk food purist, but some of my most recent pins would dispel that theory.  Here’s what I want to make soon:

chocolate churro crunch.:

White Chocolate Churro Crunch, please and thank you.

waffle cookies.:

Chocolate Dipped Waffle Cookies (Oh, hey Lauren Conrad)

Simple frosted circus animal cookie bark recipe - sugar and cloth:

Animal Cracker Bark, but I think I’d make mine with dark chocolate

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