Thursday Check In – Planners

Can we use Thursdays to check in with each other, dear readers?  Can I ask you random questions and tell you random thoughts about important (read: not important at all) things?  Okay, great.

Sixth grade was the year I ditched the school-provided assignment book for a seriously swanky planner I scored at CVS.  (It was the most boring, gray book in the world.  But it was mine to do with as I pleased.)

I practiced writing my assignments in my best handwriting.  The girl who sat near me in science had the most perfect handwriting in the history of ever and I strived to make mine the same.* She “crossed out” her to dos in highlighter, and I tried so hard to make it work for me, but I’m forever a scratcher-outer girl.

As the years went by, my planners got fancier, until one year, when I splurged on my first Day Designer (side note-I miss vlogging).  It was the first time I went from the layouts showing me a week at a glance, to each day at a glance.  I haven’t looked back since.  (The last two years, I’ve purchased my Day Designer through Whitney’s line at Target, and I love those just as much as my big purchase.)

There are so many great-looking planners out there, I thought I’d round up the ones I see on my Instagram feed the most, along with a bonus accessory to go with each.  Do you use any of these?  Is there one you love I’m missing?  Is your Instagram feed not clogged with planners because you’re maybe a little less type-A than I am?  Strange!

Undated Blank Day Designer - A Yearly Strategic Planner & Daily Agenda for the Creative Entrepreneur. $55.00, via Etsy:

The Whitney English Day Designer / Day Designer for Blue Sky

Whitney English Day Designer For Blue Sky at Target:

Day Designer for Blue Sky desk accessories

Giveaway: Win a Free Simplified Planner by Emily Ley! // by gabriella @gabivalladares:

The Simplified Planner

May Designs Blog:

May Designs x Emily Ley Collection

How I use my Get To Work Book | Nicole Reaves:

Get to Work Book

“I put my new Clearly Kelly planner stamps to work in my @gettoworkbook to organize details for the PDX workshop this weekend. Look how well they work…”:

Clearly Kelly planner products

*Bonus point to SCL and Queen Cupcake if they know who I’m talking about.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Check In – Planners

  1. I am sold on the idea of a day planner – definitely considering one for 2017. Thanks my dear <3<3<3 you looked GORGEOUS on that video!

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