On Meal Planning

Dear readers, I’ve been wanting to run a series on meal planning for approximately ever.


Like, since I started this blog in the Golden Age of blogs, 2009, forever.

see through.:

I finally started figuring some real true, good stuff out.

family space.:

But I need to know what you want to know.

better than subway tile.:

Do you meal plan?  Wing it every night?


Wish you had a plan?  Don’t care?

windows open.:

Tell me everything, and ask me all your questions.




5 thoughts on “On Meal Planning

  1. I do WISH I had a plan. I usually cook for the week over the weekend but we end up running out of food by Thursday or Friday and end up ordering pizza or Chinese…. Please help.

  2. I cook Monday through Thursday, except that I usually cave one of those nights and run to Qdoba. Friday has been “fix it yourself” night in our house since the kids were old enough to pour their own cereal. Saturday = “Oh gosh, I really hadn’t given any thought to dinner.” Sunday = hoping my “hubs” will remember he hasn’t made rabbit in a while . . . or running to Qdoba (again) . . . or making pancakes with veggie “sausages.”

  3. I try to plan for the week and am usually successful M-Th. Friday tends to be “On Your Own” in the warmer months and “be prepared to feed whoever comes over” in the winter. Saturday’s also tend to bring mouths to feed, or a trip to someone else’s house, so I struggle to have something I an either feed extra mouths with without ending up with leftovers for days/too much food for a Sunday night. Sunday tends to be takeout.

    We’ve been loving all the slow cooker meals your been sharing lately and have Mississippi roast on the menu for tomorrow night!

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