Thursday Check In – Technology

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What technology do you have at home?  What do you really use?

We had:

  • 2 phones
  • an iPad
  • a Kindle
  • an iBook
  • a ChromeBook

But the Kindle doesn’t work anymore because it’s so old (3G anyone?).  And the ChromeBook was for work and I don’t work anymore and I miss it.  And the laptop is not going to last too much longer.

So I think I want:

  • a ChromeBook (you can get one for $150!!!)
  • an iMac (they’re less than laptops, and I’m shallow and just like the way it will look as “command” central in my house)
  • a new Kindle?  No new Kindle?  Help me out with that one

Okay, your turn.  What do you have? What do you use?  What don’t you use?  Is my plan a good one?  Or totally a waste?


2 thoughts on “Thursday Check In – Technology

  1. iMac’s I hear are amazing. I would totally get one for myself if I had the money for it. Plus, apple has proven to me multiple times that their products last you if you continue to update them and give them plenty TLC. Get the iMac for sure!

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