Thursday Check In – Ten Slices of Internet

SCL recently commented that I was on a roll when it came to finding Internet, so we’re overdue for a roundup here at aglassofmilk.  Cheers, dear readers:office space.:
(I so badly want built-ins, and my husband and I keep agonizing about whether or not it’s worth losing hours of baby nap time while they’re being installed.  So instead, I will pin all the built-ins.)

1.  Emma Watson is going to star in Beauty and the Beast, and Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel Miranda will be in the new Mary Poppins, and this is entirely too much for the nostalgic part of my brain to handle.

2.  Speaking of all things Hamilton, I like Miranda’s freestyle on Jimmy Fallon much better, except for the little part of this one with Oprah.  You get a car!  You get a car!  Dying.  (Also, I loved this piece, and I truly think, whether you’re a hardcore Hamilfan or not, Miranda is a genius, and we haven’t even seen the best of what he has to offer yet.)

3.  This parking lot (via Tsh) is the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen.

4.  AGOMYR sent me this link, and it’s a testament to what Leo is most known for.  Numbers 4 and 12 are my favorites.

5.  JK Rowling is inspiring (see above comments on absolute genius)

6.  Loved listening to this (old) Lively Show episode with Mica May, the founder of May Designs.  I love her books!

7.  I love, love, love Read it Forward.  You can’t click on a bad link.  (And if you like kidlit, The Nerdy Book Club is my favorite)

8.  This is a long piece (via Joy the Baker), but at the end, I was weeping.  It’s about a dad, acceptance, and the struggle that comes with growing up and taking the first steps into the world on your own.  (WEEPING.)

9.  I wish people were honest about how much they tip.  Do you agree with this about food delivery?  It makes me wonder if I’m tipping everyone correctly.  Hair coloring, anyone?

10.  Years and years ago, I followed Brown Eyed Baker’s blog every day.  Time passed, and I fell out of the habit of checking, but I’m right back on board with her now, and loving her Weekend Dish posts as a way to get caught back up quickly.

There is so much I want to watch right now.  Netflix is starting a series about Queen Elizabeth, called The Crown, I’m dying for The Affair to come back (fast forward three years), I’m testing the waters with The Good Place and This is Us (undecided on both of those so far), and Joy the Baker wants me to watch Tony Robbins: I am Not Your Guru on Netflix.  All that and I still haven’t finished the latest season of Kimmy Schmidt, or caught up with The Mindy Project, which I hear gets better in the latest season.  Phew!  Looks like I need to hunker down with my TV.

One thought on “Thursday Check In – Ten Slices of Internet

  1. SCL is right… You are great at finding Internet! As for the tipping, we don’t get much delivery out here in the country, but I do remember the article I read from the Washington Post parade that explain that when you tip on a credit card servers lose part of the tip. My mind was blown! Now I am an specially heavy tipper when I don’t have cash. I never had to work in a service industry, and so I show my gratitude by tipping more.

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