Social Media [brussels sprouts gratin]

I’ve been playing around with the idea of doing something else on social media.  Snapchat?  Podcast?  Instagram stories?  I played around with stories the other day as I made this brussels sprouts gratin.  And I don’t see as many Snapchat stories these days, so maybe this is where everyone is hanging out now?


I had never made a gratin before, which seems slightly ridiculous.  I love cheese, I love roasted veggies, and I love cream sauces.  What was I waiting for?


I’d tell you this is amazing but I bet you already figured it out.  Oh, it has pancetta, too.  So it can’t be bad.

Since this was my first gratin, I perused a couple recipes, wanting to make sure I’d land on a good one.  I ended up going with Elise’s, because she’s a great person to turn to for classics.  Truth be told, I’d prefer it had I roasted the sprouts for about 25 minutes, and then finished them in the gratin, but boiling them was just fine.  I know a lot of people put a rich sprouts-centered dish on their Thanksgiving table, but I wouldn’t hesitate to make this again on any old evening I want.

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