Thursday Check In – Tidiers vs. Scrubbers

Gretchen Rubin categorizes people in the most fascinating ways.  One of her dichotomies states that people are either “tidiers” or “scrubbers,” when it comes to keeping house.  The tidiers among us go around swiping at whatever graces the horizontal surfaces of our homes, while the scrubbers get down and dirty with cleaning products.

At first, I thought I was neither.

Then I realized I am a tidier who is always tidying.  Because I amass clutter at an astonishing rate.

organize.  simplify.:

The Day Designer Instagram account posted this a few weeks ago, and dear readers, it was an aha moment for me.

I had been sitting, paralyzed, knowing that I needed to overhaul our kitchen and dining rooms, but not knowing where to begin.  When I unpacked those two rooms shortly after moving in, I threw items in the drawers and cabinets where I thought they should go, with the understanding that after working in the kitchen, I’d need to adjust.  The tricky part here is that though I know it’s time to make some changes, I can’t seem to find any clarity in terms of what those need to be.  (Too bad I can’t hire The Home Edit to come in and make sense of it all for me.)

So I’m starting with this quote.  There are some items in the kitchen and dining room that don’t serve food-related purposes, and they need find other homes.  And perhaps with that freed-up physical space, I’ll have some freed-up mental space to figure out where my 9 trillion wine glasses truly belong.

Hopefully I’ll make some good headway on this project, and we’ll see whether it’s true that outer order leads to inner calm.

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