Making: lists, so things get dumped out of my brain (and remembered).
Cooking: lots of meals, but never quite on the day I think I’m going to.
Drinking: OJ to combat the sniffles.
Reading: You’ll Grow out of It, by Jessi Klein.
Wanting: what else? To spruce up the house in a couple of places
Looking: at floating shelves (see above)
Playing: the Hamilton mixtape songs
Deciding: whether or not the flowers on the counter will last a couple more days
Wishing: my Facebook feed would settle down already. 
Enjoying: Sugarfina treats from AGOMYR.  She’s too good to me.
Waiting: for a chance to catch up on Jane the Virgin and Barefoot Contessa
Liking: that I’ve still got the windows open in mid-November!
Wondering: the best way to start organizing the pantry.
Loving: getting dressed in the morning. I can’t even believe I said that. 
Pondering: what Christmas will look like. 
Considering: a party where I invite people to come over to use up all my leftover disposable paper plates, cups, and napkins from other parties.  Does this happen to anyone else?
Watching: Jane the Virgin. I’m behind a couple of episodes. 
Hoping: I can pull off all the new dishes I want to try this Thanksgiving. 
Marveling: at the way all my holds come in at the library at the exact same time and then I have three weeks to get through 47 books.
Needing: deep breaths.
Smelling: nothing, because of those aforementioned sniffles.
Wearing: sneakers, always.
Following: the flow, a la Jess Lively
Noticing: that food brings people together. 
Knowing: this year the Christmas sheets will go on the bed early.
Thinking: of gift ideas already. 
Feeling: content. 
Admiring: patience in others.
Sorting: baby clothes.
Buying: baby clothes.
Getting: posts together for a meal planning series – 2017, dear readers!
Bookmarking: recipes, always. 
Disliking: how when I read multiple books at once, I rarely finish any. 
Praying: for families who aren’t looking forward to the holidays. 
Opening: too many tabs online. 
Giggling: over every last Joe Boden meme out there. 
Snacking: on sour cream and onion chips, my true weakness. 
Coveting: M.Gemi shoes. 
Wishing: for a couple new kitchen tools. 
Helping: organize a couple of events. 

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