Merry (Day After) Christmas

Merry, merry day after Christmas dear readers.


Need a quick, 10 minute escape from your family, ahem, whatever you have going on today?  Here’s some internet I found.

Any fellow white T-shirt lovers out there? We have to stick together. Here are what 11 T-Shirt bras look like under actual T-shirts.  Spoiler alert.  Of course you can see a whole bunch of them.

Hoping to make these cookies today.

Made this last night.  It’s a show stopper.  Something about a bundt cake.  It’s nostalgic, and looks ten times fancier than it is because of the shape.

It took years, but I think I’ve finally settled on ESTJ as my Myers Briggs type.  According to 16 Personalities I have this in common with Dwight Schrute and Claire Dunphy.  Sounds about right.  Anyway, according to the internet, which is always to be believed, there are 4 kinds of introversion, and 2 kinds of extroversion.  Fascinating to someone who has always thought there’s more I in her than people realize.

Staying home this year has given me all the thoughts about productivity, anxiety, and why everyone in 2016 (and probably 2017, too) is so dang stressed all the time.  This sheds a little insight.  I’m looking to simpler times for some answers.  (Also, this line is everything: The allure of the doctrine of time management is that, one day, everything might finally be under control.)

I suck at small talk.  If you are my best friend I will talk till 3 am with you and never want it to end.  If I’ve never met you and we are seated at a random wedding table together, I’ll excuse myself to go dance so that I don’t have to think of things to say to you.  (ps, my aunt read a book by Barbara Walters along these lines, and I have always wanted to track it down and read it.) (pps, I’ve never forgotten this article – just tell someone their job sounds really hard.  Everyone thinks their job is really hard.)

And if you have a little bit longer, I cannot recommend this Emma Watson and Lin Manuel Miranda He for She video highly enough.  A little Hogwarts, a little Hamilton, a little deep thinking.

Also, OMG, Beauty and the Beast.  I love that I’m now old enough that pop culture wants to bring back my childhood.  And I LOVE that it looks like they pretty much brought the animated movie to life, and made 0 changes.  Do you think the script is the same?  Because maybe after Grandma Glass of Milk gave me the VHS, I watched it so many times I had every line memorized.  Maybe.


3 thoughts on “Merry (Day After) Christmas

  1. Hello my dear. I was ESFJ when I last took the test 2 years ago (and also in 2011). I was told that significant life events can change one’s type. I wonder if I have changed – I should do it again. I love the link. I still do identify with most of the people listed though (I used to be likened to Monica from friends :))

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