Monday Internet


Love Anne’s tips on planning when you’re not naturally a planner.  And I am naturally a planner.

This Italian wedding soup looks amazing and like it should be on the January dinner docket, for sure.

Now that December is behind us, I don’t know that you’ll need to gift any picture books anytime soon, but I loved Janssen’s little blurb before her list, about writing dates in books.  I’m in.

Perhaps the reason I was in a reading rut is because I was on a roll in the TV department.  The Affair is back (LOVE, but it took a couple episodes to get rolling), Jane the Virgin is killing it as always, American Housewife is cracking me up, and I started Masters of Sex from season one.  Here’s are two other lists of shows I should be watching.  Should I give Crazy Ex Girlfriend another try?

Joy the Baker made baked brown butter champagne donuts.  I’m not normally a donut kinda girl, but please read the aforementioned sentence.

Habit.  I need some new ones in 2017.  And this is how I can get some good ones going.  Maybe?  Reminder , routine, reward; reminder, routine, reward…



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