Whole 30 – Days 11-20

(Well, technically Day 20 was two days ago)


What I Ate (for the most part):

My favorite thing we’ve eaten for dinner so far is this Country Captain Chicken from Well-Fed. I was so surprised that it didn’t have apples like the one my dad makes, and of course, after I made the whole thing, I saw a footnote at the bottom that told me to add apples and toasted coconut. That’s happening next time. This is so good. And to share a sentence I never thought I’d type, it doesn’t need the bacon on top (!!!!).

I made a riff on Jenny’s frittata from Dinner, the Playbook. I was astounded at the number of recipes I found in that cookbook that I could Whole-30-ify with just one omission and/or substitution. It became a big inspiration for days 11-20 of this process. See a similar recipe at the bottom of this post. I used leftover veggies from my traybake, and added spinach because I always do.

Also from Dinner, the Playbook, sloppy joes (I swapped out the zucchini for chopped mushrooms). Loved these.

Red lentil stew from America’s Test Kitchen Slow Cooker Revolution Cookbook – This was great, but my husband wondered where the meat was.

Moroccan meatballs from Well-Fed – Ugh. I don’t love lamb. My husband enjoyed these, but they weren’t my fave. I would absolutely make them again with beef, and I bet I’d love them. Because meatballs.

Turkey burgers – once with BLT, and once with caramelized onions and mushrooms. Both times with frozen turkey patties (read the ingredients before you buy in case there’s added sugar).

Salads for lunch – from SweetGreen, Chipotle, Cava, and my beloved Fish Taco. Eating out is tricky, but not impossible on Whole 30. I hate all the necessary chopping for the kinds of salads I like, so I’m happy to pay someone $10 to do it for me.

This salad has been heaven-sent when I’m not on the go. I’ve tweaked the recipe enough that I should post about it in its own right, so maybe you’ll see it if you hang around here long enough. (No mayo. Apple cider vinaigrette, please and thank you.)

Some assorted thoughts, as I thought them:

-Whoa, I just OD-ed on snacks. Every afternoon, I have a bowl of unsweetened applesauce with cinnamon. But today, we had lunch on the go, Gooplet didn’t let me finish mine completely by the time he was done with his, and I felt it as the afternoon went on. I was hungry. Bordering on hangry. So I went to snack town. Not thrilled about it, but being kind to myself. I needed calories, so I ate them.

-I did my usual meal planning last Sunday but I did 0 meal prepping over the weekend. It ended up working out okay. Had it been my first ten days on Whole 30, I’m not sure that would have been the case. But now I have a pretty good handle on how to get a meal out of all the ingredients I have.

-So, I found out my coffee doesn’t have 4 grams of sugar per serving. It has 14. Oof. I was obviously delusional when I purchased it; successfully fooling myself into missing that 1 in front of the 4. I just saw what I wanted to see. How nice for me. Here’s the thing. I don’t necessarily care. But today (Day 12) for the very first time ever, I took my first sip and thought, this is super sweet. So maybe. Just maybe. I’m ready for cold brew coffee with almond milk. And cinnamon? Maybe. Next grocery store trip will be telling. I miss the ritual of Starbucks more than I miss my beverages. It’s the place where everybody knows my name.

-I inadvertently ate flour with lunch one day (probably no more than a couple tablespoons) and my stomach was reeling for the remainder of the afternoon. That has to be my imagination. It cannot make that much of a difference…..can it?

-I just ordered bathing suits online. I don’t own a scale, and so have followed the Whole 30 approach – not weighing myself before or during this month. I’ve been trying to get to barre at least twice a week. I pray I don’t sob when I put the suits on.

-WORST NEWS EVER. I made a mini-cake for my sister-in-law’s birthday. I wasn’t planning to eat it, but hello, of course I was going to lick the spatula after I made the from-scratch, raspberry cream cheese icing. So I did. And it wasn’t that great. I mean, the frosting was great. But it didn’t quite hit the spot like I wanted it to. Ughhhhhhhhh.

3 thoughts on “Whole 30 – Days 11-20

  1. Wait. I’m just starting Atkins. And now I went and read about Whole 30. And they’re the same thing. Old wine in a new bottle. My friend lost 60 or 70 lbs on low-carb eating, RIGHT AFTER SHE QUIT SMOKING. This never happens (most people who quit start gaining), so I’m super proud of her. She’s kept it off a long, long time! Hoping I’ll soon be a “Skinny Bitch” (oh wait, that’s vegan).

  2. Ok, but let’s be honest here. I have to FINISH UP all the carbs in the house before I start–like the frosted mini-wheats and the java-chip ice cream–then I’ll be ready. And why are you doing this, Glass-of-Milk? You look great just the way you are!

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