Eleven Things


On the 11th.

  1. Is anyone you follow on Instagram doing the 100 Day Project? I love the idea, and I thought so hard about what I could do, but I came up short. I couldn’t think of something I was super excited about enough to spam my Instagram followers. My favorite projects this year are Elise’s (duh), and Four Dots’.
  2. Another reason I decided against the 100 Day Project this year is that it overlaps with Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life, which is my favorite thing ever. I’ll be going Insta-crazy in about two weeks, so that seems like enough. I love the way this project makes me take more pictures, and notice things I don’t always notice. I have never made an album of my pictures, ‘gramming them is plenty for me.
  3. I found the perfect pair of sunglasses! Bought them without a second thought and received two compliments on them as soon as they were on!
  4. Big Little Lies! I read it two summers ago, and haven’t watched the HBO series yet. I’ve heard mixed reviews – some friends loved it, others not so much. I loved the book and I love Reese, so I definitely want to watch.
  5. There are so many home improvements I want to make right now, and I’m trying to deal with the overwhelming feeling of wanting/needing to do a million things at once. I’ve been long putting off a trip to IKEA because who wants to go and haul heavy things alone with a baby, who himself is another heavy thing? Not I!
  6. It’s almost Easter! My family has absolutely zero Easter traditions. I have never successfully cooked a ham, and they’re supposed to be so easy. Once we outgrew egg hunts and Easter baskets, that was that. So will you share your traditions with me? What little surprises could I add to make the day (weekend?) special? This bread looks amazing, but it will be an Easter miracle if I can pull it off.
  7. Okay, time to talk about S Town. Have you listened yet? Coming straight off of Missing Richard Simmons and diving into S Town meant I was in the mindset to guess at a couple of the “twists,” but I was hooked nonetheless. But the same question I had about Richard Simmons remains – when is a story not yours to tell? I also loved listening to Megan and Laura’s special episode of Sorta Awesome, where they break it down episode by episode.
  8. I’m trying to spend at least a half hour outdoors each day. What’s the point of ditching my day job for this whole mom-gig if I’m still trapped inside?
  9. Don’t laugh, okay, dear readers? I’ve been spending so much time on social media feeds that have to do with cleaning, decluttering, simplifying, you name it. A couple of weekends ago I went spring cleaning crazy and I’m trying so hard to keep up with that momentum. I don’t have hours and hours at a time to clean the house from top to bottom, so it’s all happening in little chunks. One bag at a time heading out the door to go to ThredUp, Goodwill, or the thrift store.
  10. And while we’re on the subject of home stuff, let’s talk about art on the walls. I’m so drawn to art with words on it, but I want to hang art with just art on it. I have such a hard time finding pieces I love, though. Do you have anything hanging that you love?
  11. I joined Costco yesterday night. It was pretty momentous. The (Not So) New Girl has been egging me on for years!

3 thoughts on “Eleven Things

  1. 5. We need to go to IKEA. STAT.
    6. It’s time to grow back into egg hunts! The Gooplet will love them! Also, I haven’t done it in awhile, but I used to always love dying eggs.
    8. All of the outdoors, all of the time. Perhaps we shall get a sprinkler going?
    9. Once you’re through with the ultimate declutter, I’ll help you learn to maintain. I’m sorry though, it won’t be via social media. It’ll have to be via RL.
    11. Costco ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Easter 🐣 is my favourite holiday! Isn’t it funny how each one of us has a favourite? Yours is thanksgiving and our MIL’s is Christmas and Easter is mine. I should start hosting Easter lunch when our in laws move back to town. That would be our tradition. I am so glad you are coming over for the egg hunt on Sunday. Just finished stuffing 45 eggs with little toys and bought lots and lots of chocolate 🍫all for the little ones of course 😜

  3. Did you make Jenny’s ham? I almost did but Sean took over and made lamb. But I love those Dinner A Love Story books so much. You are completely to thank for me knowing about them and appreciating them so thank you!

    I love siiso’s etsy shop. https://www.etsy.com/shop/siiso?ref=profile_shopname
    I have one of hers over my fireplace another in my guest room. Also, did I show you the large canvas I had Wes finger paint when he was around P’s age? It’s not as messy as you think if you plan and very fun!

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