Whole 30 – Days 21-30

I’m done! Whole 30 is over! Here’s the breakdown when it comes to the last 10 days…


What I Ate (for the most part):

I made a couple of dishes for dinner that I’m not linking here because they were total duds. So if this list looks sparse, know that I ate plenty, it just wasn’t all great. So much better that this happened at the end of Whole 30. Had it gone down in the beginning, there’s no way I would have kept up with the month.

Machacado con huevos, from Well Fed (except I used ground beef instead of dried beef)

Brussels sprouts salad with bacon and pomegranate from Against All Grain (except with chicken in place of bacon, and without the chicken broth, and with balsamic vinaigrette)

Slow cooker sesame orange chicken from Against All Grain (hello, honey = a Whole 30 no-no. But I was so sick of cutting meals because there was one ingredient I couldn’t have that I just went with it.)

Chicken cobb salad from Against All Grain

Barbecue burgers from Against All Grain

Some assorted thoughts, as I thought them:

I’m bored. It’s not that I don’t have a zillion more recipes flagged to try, but I’m tired of looking through cookbooks, and scrolling through Pinterest, only to find that a dish I want to cook won’t work because it has a tablespoon of honey, or other equally offensive ingredient. I’m eager to get back to cooking from a wider list of ingredients.

I’m also busy. In those middle ten days, I had some thoughts along the lines of, wow, Whole 30 requires a lot more time spent on cooking. And then I cooked and moved on with my life. But days 21-28 were nothing short of crazy for me, and my thoughts were, I will eat whatever is closest so that I can be done with dinner so that I can go to bed. If I hadn’t had multiple Whole 30-friendly options in the refrigerator, I would have had a giant bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios for dinner, and not felt guilty in the slightest. So again, meal prep is key to making Whole 30 a success.

I. Don’t. Need. Coffee. A friend told me this would happen after two weeks. It took a little longer for me, but I’ll attribute that to the small person who is often looped around my ankles. He doesn’t always sleep much, and he can be quite draining when he’s awake. But I woke up on Day 23 and was like, hey morning, let’s do this! (I drank coffee anyway because I love it so darn much.)

Um, that’s it. I was totally over it by Day 30, and had already reintroduced a couple of forbidden foods ahead of schedule. I’m still planning to eat more along the lines of Whole 30 than I had been before this whole endeavor (I’m looking at you carbohydrates), but I definitely don’t need to be so stringent from here on out.


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