Meal Planning – The Series!


It’s time.

I can’t have had a blog for as long as I’ve had a blog and not talk about meal planning. This little series comes with a big shout out to a friend who said she wanted to pick my brain about meal planning. Here’s all I got. Well, the first installment of it, anyway.

I’m not going to give you cute printables or pre-fab grocery lists, where you just fill in those couple quirky items your family enjoys, and you’re all set. I can’t. We’re all different. We have different lifestyles, different tastes, and different numbers of people in our families. I’m going to tell you the process I go through in general when planning, and you can take the pieces that seem smart, and fit them into your own lifestyle.

For today, two thoughts:

  1. Just Start! It’s a great mantra, and, credit where credit is due, it’s from Elise, who I simply adore when it comes to all things internet and productivity. If you want to meal plan, start meal planning. It won’t be perfect, but every single time you sit down to try (endless scrolling of Pinterest does not equal trying), you’ll get closer to what is going to work best for you and the mouths you feed. To give you another mantra, one that I repeat all the time: don’t make this harder than it has to be. You want to meal plan? Plan some meals!
  2. But start small. At the start of 2017, I wanted to read every day. So that was my new year’s resolution. I would read every day. You know how much I had to do to count it as “reading?” One page. Because reading every day wasn’t something I was doing before, and I didn’t know how my efforts would go. I set the bar super low and promised myself a huge reward at the end of every month I was successful (a splurge at the bookstore, duh!). I’ve read every single day since the beginning of the year. And only a handful of them have been days I just read one page. All this to say if you’re planning 0 meals a week, make it your goal to plan 1 meal a week for a month. Set yourself up to succeed, not to fail. Baby steps.

Cheers to a fun little series, dear readers. I’m excited to get started.

3 thoughts on “Meal Planning – The Series!

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