Meal Planning – For a Couple Days

Welcome back to my series on meal planning, dear readers. No need to have been following along from the beginning, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least point you toward my original meal planning post, if you’re so inclined.

I plan out meals a week at a time, because that’s what works for me. But that’s certainly not the only way.  Last week, you heard from Cari Faye who plans about a month at a time. Today, we’re checking in with The (Not So) New Girl and her husband #ChefJon who have a much looser planning system, and who share kitchen responsibilities pretty evenly between them.

Our only weekly planning is, what meat do you want this week?, and remembering to take it out of the freezer. If that doesn’t happen, we resort to vegetarian or sausages since they can be chopped and cooked from frozen.

We usually consider how many nights we need to make dinner before going to the grocery. Then we just buy x number of veggies, 1-2 more veggies than nights. Whoever is shopping gets the pick of the litter. Grocery/Costco almost exclusively only happen on the weekends. We’re not particular about our meats, oh hey, hormones, so we bulk up on meat at Costco about once a month and keep it in the freezer. It’s usually a variety of chicken, salmon, and sausages. Recently we’ve been trying to get more red meat in the house.

#ChefJon is the brain behind cooking and loves to look at  whatever we have, google some combination of ingredients, and then still put his own spin/modification on whatever he comes up with.  Once a week or so I’ll find a recipe I want to try or mention something I’m craving. The best nights are when we can actually manage to get in the kitchen together, #ChefJon and his #souschef.

It all works for us bc #ChefJon enjoys cooking and creating. The rare nights he’s not up for cooking I sometimes get stressed bc we didn’t “plan” on that. Those nights we usually end up with brinner* bc I am the queen of brin.

Outside of dinner, I make vats of oatmeal once a week for me, and an extra or so for our son. I Tupperware them all with necessary ingredients and usually eat at work. On the weeekends we eat cereal or eggs. And then we do lunch-making nightly. Usually turkey sandwiches** or leftovers. Whoever isn’t on cleanup duty takes care of lunches so neither of us is stranded in the kitchen.
Some of our staples, repeats, and go-to’s, which sometimes get their own spin are cauliflower bites, brinner (eggs over a veggie/meat/potato hash), eggplant Parmesan, winter soups/stews/chilis, stir fry or curry typically once a week (versatile because you can use any meat and veggie you have with a simple sauce), kale salads with combo of meat and veggies, veggie pasta with a different sauce typically canned tomato based, and homemade pizza on Trader Joe’s crust.

* aka, breakfast for dinner

** Part of the reason my husband likes The (Not So) New Girl so much is because she takes sandwich-making very seriously, just like he does.

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