Meal Planning – For a Week

Oh, how I hope you enjoyed hearing from Cari Faye and The (Not So) New Girl and #ChefJon. If you’re just checking in on things for the first time in a little while, we’re talking about meal planning, and I’ve walked you through my thought process while planning a week of meals, twice.  Here are a few final thoughts, and a huge round up of meal ideas for you.

After taking a look at our family’s calendar for the week, my meal planning has a lot to do with types of meals. When I notice what our level of activity looks like, I pick a meal based on how much time I have to devote to prep, and leftovers are almost always an option. Here are my main categories, and our favorites from each. 

But first! Before we started this whole series, I had a lot of commenters tell me they ended up with nothing for dinner by the end of the week. And CV(D) mentioned she sometimes doesn’t know exactly how much food she needs to cook on any given day. So you’ll see a * by any recipe that’s easily doubled and/or frozen. For those of you who run out of food, cook a double batch of these dishes whenever you make them, and freeze them. That way when you realize you’re in a pinch in a week or two, you can take something out of the freezer and you’re all set. I have a lot of these options waiting for the same emergency right now. And CV(D), these are the ones I’d recommend for you, too. Instead of making one giant casserole in case of 20 people, make 4 in those 8×8 baking tins you can easily grab in the baking aisle of the grocery store. Twenty people show up? Great! They’re fed! Just the usual 3? Eat one and freeze the rest for when those other 17 show up, or for you again another week. 

Make aheads: easy meatball stroganoff*, baked pesto rigatoni*, baked beans with hot dogs, Outlaw Plantation barbecue chicken, eggplant parmesan, sausage and kale stuffed shells*,

Slow cooker meals: Mississippi roast*, carnitas tacos*, Italian chicken, gnocchi with pork sauce*, Buffalo chicken sandwiches

Easy, on-the-spot dinners: mediterranean chicken with couscous*, meatball subs, baking sheet macaroni and cheese, chicken piccata, pesto risotto, frittata,

Dinners on heavy rotation: spaghetti pie*, slow cooker white chicken chili*, beef chili*, Parmesan ranch chicken, apricot glazed chicken, wings, rich people meat, macaroni and cheese*, Jamie Oliver’s chicken in milk,



One thought on “Meal Planning – For a Week

  1. Makes me exhausted thinking about all this cooking (though it sure sounds good)! What about ordering a coupla large pizzas from Ledo’s?

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